15 DIY Projects Made With Upcycled Driftwood

diy driftwood planter for succulents

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Driftwood projects aren't reserved for coastal spaces. In fact, driftwood can look rustic, modern, and even bohemian. What's more, driftwood is virtually free if you know the right places to look for it.

If you found an amazing piece of driftwood on the beach but aren't sure what to do with it, check out some of these do-it-yourself driftwood projects for some innovative ideas.

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    Add Hooks to Create a Jewelry Organizer

    Jewelry organizer made from driftwood and hanging on the wall.
    Can Can Dancer

    This boho-inspired jewelry organizer is incredibly simple to make. All you need to do is clean up a piece of driftwood, add some hooks, then figure out how you want to hang it on the wall. This project incorporates leather hooks for hanging and some hand-painted detail to make it feel more bohemian and less coastal-inspired.

    Driftwood Jewelry Organizer from Can Can Dancer

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    Carve out a Section of Driftwood to Hold Votive Candles

    Candle holders carved out of driftwood.
    The Gold Jellybean

    If you own a drill and the right bits, creating this driftwood candleholder shouldn't take much time at all. Make sure the driftwood is able to lay completely flat to reduce the risk of the piece tipping and becoming a fire hazard.

    DIY Driftwood Candleholders from The Gold Jellybean

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    Reinvent a Cluster of Driftwood Into a Lamp

    Driftwood tied together to form the neck of a table lamp.
    IKEA Hackers

    Driftwood branches are incredibly versatile and look great clustered together using twine or jute. Take that cluster one step further by turning it into a base of a lamp. Keep the lampshade neutral so that the driftwood becomes the focal point.

    Driftwood Lamp from IKEA Hackers

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    Use Driftwood Pieces to Create a Starburst Mirror

    Driftwood starburst mirror
    City Farmhouse

    To complete this driftwood project, you may want to buy a bunch of smaller driftwood pieces so you have more variety when making the piece. Try to match up lengths and create three rows of driftwood: a short, a medium, and a long row. If you just start randomly placing too many different lengths along the circle, the mirror won't look like a starburst.

    Thrifty & Pretty DIY Driftwood Mirror from City Farmhouse

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    Enhance an Existing Mirror Using Driftwood

    Bedroom mirror surrounded by driftwood frame.
    The Wood Grain Cottage

    This driftwood project is a little bit more forgiving than the starburst mirror if you don't have an artistic eye. All you need to do is randomly collage small driftwood pieces onto a mirror frame that you already own.

    Easy Driftwood Mirror from The Wood Grain Cottage

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    Make a Driftwood Wreath for Next to Nothing

    Wreath made out of driftwood pieces.
    New House New Home

    Some retail stores have sold similar wooden wreaths for more than $100. If you have collected a bunch of smaller driftwood pieces, you can replicate a designer wreath for much less money. Make sure that all the wood is facing the same direction but make some pieces overlap slightly.

    DIY Driftwood Wreath Instructions from New House New Home

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    Hang a Photo Collage From Driftwood Branches

    Hanging collage of photos tied together with driftwood.
    Morning Creativity

    Drilling small holes into driftwood makes it easy to make mobiles and windchimes. If neither of those projects appeals to you, consider making a photo collage instead. The same principle applies, but instead of hanging chimes, you can clip on photos to the string. For a cohesive look, make sure all the photos are in the same color family by making them black and white or using the same filter on each before printing.

    DIY Driftwood Photo Display from Morning Creativity

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    Turn Driftwood Into a Planter for Succulents

    Driftwood planter adorned with succulents, including a bold blue one.
    Garden Lovers Club

    Succulents and air plants do well in driftwood planters because these plants don't require much water and their root systems are shallow. Carve out an opening into a thick piece of driftwood to create the planter base, then use your new creation as a dining room centerpiece.

    DIY Succulent Driftwood Planter from Garden Lovers Club

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    Repurpose Driftwood Slabs Into a Nautical Shelving Unit

    Hanging shelf with trinkets and hanging from a wall.
    Sustain My Craft Habit

    Although driftwood doesn't have to be limited to coastal decor, sometimes adding in nautical elements can work well. Create this shelving unit using nautical rope and a dock cleat to pay homage to the driftwood's roots.

    Simple Rustic DIY Shelf from Sustain My Craft Habit

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    Create a Sleek and Weathered Picture Frame

    Driftwood picture frame of ships resting on the floor.
    Sea Salt + Chambray

    Most driftwood projects have pieces of driftwood as we are used to seeing them on the beach. However, if the wood is large enough, it's possible to plan it down and create uniform strips. This driftwood project does just that to create a very streamlined picture frame.

    DIY Driftwood Frame from Sea Salt + Chambray

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    Incorporate Leather With Driftwood for a Rustic Feel

    Driftwood sign with a leather plate that reads: There will be miracles.
    Table and Hearth

    Most people have seen the driftwood signs that are hanging from a piece of rope with a word or phrase painted on in white paint. This project is similar to that but is a bit more rustic and unique with the embossed leather addition. Think about a word or phrase that resonates with your family to give this sign a more personalized touch, which will make it unlike anything you can buy in the store.

    Rustic Hanging Leather Driftwood Sign from Table and Hearth

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    Make These Cute Place Settings for Your Dining Room

    Driftwood sailboat displays for table settings.
    It All Started With Paint

    If you're hosting guests on the water, why not create some of these charming sailboat placeholders using driftwood? You can also take inspiration from this project to create a much larger driftwood sailboat that can act as a statement piece of home decor.

    Driftwood Sailboat Place Settings from It All Started With Paint

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    Construct a Fun Piece of Wall Art

    Pineapple design created out of driftwood pieces.
    Made in a Day

    Think of all the shapes you can make with small pieces of driftwood. Does a pineapple appeal to you? This quirky piece of wall art would work well in a kitchen, living room, or office. Just make sure whatever weathering you do to the pallet matches with the rest of your decor.

    Driftwood Pineapple Pallet Wall Art from Made in a Day

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    Decorate Your Front Porch With Driftwood

    Driftwood design hanging from the front entryway in front of a blue door.
    City Farmhouse

    Some driftwood that you buy from the store comes pre-drilled, which would make this driftwood project as simple as stringing together a strand of beads. Just make sure you hang the garland out of the way of guests entering your home.

    Front Door Driftwood Garland from City Farmhouse

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    Turn Your Bathroom Into a Coastal Spa With This Towel Rack

    Driftwood with hooks and a towel hanging from them.
    Sustain My Craft Habit

    Bathrooms are often associated with water and thus work well with a coastal theme. To get this look, paint the room a soft bluish-green color then add subtle coastal accents like this driftwood towel rack.

    A Beachcomber's Rustic Towel Rack from Sustain My Craft Habit