Traditional Origami Boat Dish Tutorial

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    Gather Your Materials

    Finished origami boat dish
    Chrissy Pk

    This origami boat makes an awesome "dish" that you could use for snacks at a party, especially a nautical themed kids party.

    If you used some pretty textured or patterned paper, this origami dish would be perfect to store jewelry that you use each day, perhaps as a bowl for your keys, or simply just as it is.

    For this origami tutorial, you will need some square paper, and use the thinnest paper you can find.

    This origami model is more challenging than models such as the origami masu box or origami swan because, at the end, you will need to reverse the whole model, like flipping a sock inside out.

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    Make the First Folds

    Make the First Fold
    Chrissy Pk

    Start with your paper white side up, this color will be on the bottom of the boat.

    Fold about one finger's width in from the top and bottom.

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    Fold to the Middle

    Illustration showing the next set of folds
    Chrissy Pk

    Fold the paper in half from bottom to top and unfold.

    Fold the top and bottom into the middle crease you just made. 

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    Fold Corners Inward

    Illustration for next set of folds
    Chrissy Pk

    Fold all four corners inwards as shown. Fold the model in half from left to right, marking only the top and bottom points.

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    Create a Diamond or Kite Shape

    Create a diamond shape
    Chrissy Pk

    Fold all four edges inwards creating an even diamond or kite shape.

    Fold the bottom and top inwards, about a fingers width away from the center.

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    Complete the Boat Dish

    Final steps
    Chrissy Pk

    Pick the model up and fold it in half and behind. The folds and flaps you created should be on the outside. Open the boat out from the center. Keep pulling the boat apart, you'll need to completely flip the boat inside out. Flatten out and smooth the creases.

    Your first attempt may look like a crumpled mess, but not to worry as origami can take a few tries. If it seems impossible, you might want to start with a slightly easier model, such as The Easy Origami Sail Boat.