How to Track Down a Discontinued Sewing Pattern

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If you've lost your favorite sewing pattern or you see an older pattern you'd love to make, you may need to hunt down discontinued patterns. The challenge is that pattern companies change their offerings over the years so the exact pattern may not be available, but you may find a new pattern that is very similar on the company's website. If you have the pattern number you may also want to email the company from their website asking about the availability of the discontinued pattern.

There are also resellers and secondhand sellers who specialize in old patterns. They are the next stop when you find that the pattern company doesn't have the one you need.

Be aware that the sewing pattern companies reuse their pattern numbers. When you are searching for an older pattern you need to know not only the pattern number but when it was printed and a description of the item so that you can find it. Simplicity 1234 could be a dress one year and a few years later it could be a shirt pattern.

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    Simplicity Pattern Company

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    Simplicity has a selection of discontinued patterns available through its Premium Print on Demand category. They will print these patterns on a large sheet of durable paper rather than on the usual thin pattern paper. You will receive your pattern via mail.

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    McCall's Sewing Patterns

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    McCall's has over 500 out of print sewing patterns available on their website. If you don't see what you are looking for, use the Contact page to find their phone number, hours, and a form to submit that includes the subject of discontinued patterns.

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    Butterick Sewing Patterns

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    Butterick has many avenues to seek discontinued patterns. Search for the pattern number or browse their out of print category. On their Reach Us page, you can find the phone number and help hours and a form to fill out to be contacted for a specific question (including the pattern number and the subject of discontinued patterns).

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    Vogue Patterns

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    Vogue Patterns, a part of McCall's pattern company, has a category of out of print sewing patterns. The Vogue Contact Us page offers a form to ask questions about discontinued patterns, contact information and the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter.

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    Kwik Sew

    Kwik Sew Patterns

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    Kwik Sew, a division of McCall's pattern company, also offers an entire section of out-of-print patterns. Their contact page offers a form to fill out that includes a subject for discontinued patterns. Their phone numbers and hours are also posted.

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    Stretch and Sew Patterns

    Stretch and Sew Sewing Patterns

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    Stretch and Sew patterns are no longer produced but a search of the internet may turn up eBay, Etsy, or Amazon sales. 

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    The site offers over 5,000 discontinued patterns for sale. Most of the patterns are secondhand. They ship the pattern in a plastic bag via the U.S. Postal Service. As they are a vendor on, you may find their patterns for sale there.

    You can search their site for specific pattern companies such as Butterick, McCall's, Simplicity, and Vogue. You can also browse by era and type of clothing.

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    LanetzLiving on Etsy

    The Etsy shop for LanetzLiving offers thousands of patterns, including many that are out of print. The shop ships free within the U.S. in ziplock envelopes to protect the patterns.

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    A search of Amazon for the specific pattern company and pattern number can bring up out of print patterns from third-party sellers, as well as current patterns.

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    Thrift Shops

    Thrift shops can be a great place to explore for old patterns. The drawback is that you are not able to search easily by the company or pattern number. But your live hunting expedition may find new treasures.