10 Free Tote Bag Sewing Patterns

A woman in a yellow sweater holding a tote bag

Delia Creates

These free tote bag sewing patterns are great for anyone needing a bag that they can carry around everything they need for a day at the beach, park, or anywhere else that you need to go. There are tons of different sizes and styles so you can sew one up that's going to be perfect for whatever you're using it for.

You'll find that these tote bag sewing patterns are perfect for the beginning sewist. It's a great first project because it's mostly straight-line sewing and easy construction. It's a great first sewing project and even one that kids can tackle.

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    Retro Striped Pocket Tote Bag

    A purple, yellow, orange, and pink striped tote bag

    The Spruce Crafts

    This large, sturdy tote bag is just what you need for the beach, library, or even an overnight trip. The stripes on the outside make up a huge outside pocket so you can place smaller items there so they're easier to find. The cotton webbing that's used for handles, wraps around the entire tote, making it even more sturdy.

    Retro Striped Pocket Tote Bag from The Spruce Crafts

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    Easy Felt Tote Bag

    A gray felt bag with a notebook and pencils

    The Spruce Crafts

    This small tote bag pattern is large enough to hold a notebook and some accessories, making it the perfect bag for a quick errand trip. It's made of felt so there's no lining needed, making it a very quick sew. It's also a great beginner sewing project, for adults and kids alike.

    Easy Felt Tote Bag from The Spruce Crafts

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    Reusable Grocery Bag Tote

    A purple floral reusable grocery bag filled with groceries

    The Spruce Crafts

    A tote bag that everyone should have is one that you can use to bring your groceries home from the store. This large grocery bag tote is made with canvas or denim and cotton webbing to make it strong and sturdy enough for the heaviest groceries.

    Reusable Grocery Bag Tote from The Spruce Crafts

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    Oversized Beach Bag

    A yellow and blue beach bag by a pool

    Polka Dot Chair 

    This tote bag is perfect for a day out at the beach. There are two different fabrics used for the outside of the bag which creates a nice paneled look. The pom-pom trim adds a fun detail and a pop of color. It's finished off with a robe handle attached by metal grommets.

    Oversized Beach Bag from Polka Dot Chair

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    Let's Go to the Park Bag

    A woman in a yellow sweater holding a tote bag

    Delia Creates

    This free tote bag pattern is the perfect solution for trips to the park. It's large enough to hold everything you need but not so big that you'll struggle with the size of it. A stylish circular pocket is sewn on the outside of the bag and on the inside are gathered pockets, perfect for water bottles, and anything else you might need.

    Let's Go to the Park Bag from Delia Creates

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    Grocery Bag from a Tea Towel

    A woman in a purple shirt holding a tote bag

    DIY Candy

    Tote bags can be made out of more than just fabric, and this free tote bag pattern proves it. A large tea towel picked up at a thrift store forms the body of the bag and then a rope is used for the handles. It's a very easy project that only requires a few lines of straight sewing.

    Grocery Bag from a Tea Towel from DIY Candy

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    Four Step Leather Tote

    A woman holding a brown leather tote

    Delia Creates 

    This simple leather tote pattern comes together so fast, you'll be done in less than an hour. Use the free pattern piece to cut out two leather pieces for the body and handles and then simply sew them together. It really is as easy as that.

    Four Step Leather Tote from Delia Creates

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    Wave Pocket Market Tote

    Three colorful market bags sitting outside


    The outside of this tote bag uses two different fabric prints to create a unique wave design that also serves as a pocket. The outside pockets are spacious but if you find yourself needing even more room for small items, there are two interior pockets that are the perfect solution.

    Wave Pocket Market Tote from Sew4Home

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    Easy DIY Circle Tote

    A woman holding a white circle tote

    A Beautiful Mess 

    This unique tote bag is made out of something way more unique than fabric - placemats! A strip of leather is used to connect the two placemats and they also act as handles. Attach a button to keep it closed and you have a stylish circular tote that everyone will envy.

    Easy DIY Circle Tote from A Beautiful Mess

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    Drawstring Bag

    A pink floral drawstring bag with pencils and a notebook

    The Spruce Crafts

    This tote bag has an extra feature of a drawstring to keep all your items securely in the bag until you're ready to take them out. These can be made in any size and they make excellent gifts and even can be used as gift wrapping.

    Drawstring Bag from The Spruce Crafts