Top 5 Travel Board and Card Games to Take Along

Take these games with you as you travel

Hitting the road -- or the water, or the rails, or the air -- can be a trying experience. But if you're prepared with something to pass the time, your trip will seem much shorter. These board games are all designed to go along with you.

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    Why You Need a Travel Board Game

    If you've been used to playing game apps on your phone or tablet, you may be in for a surprise when you board a plane and realize you needed an internet connection to make it function. The same can be true on lonely stretches of highway or on the rails as you travel off the grid. While you can still play some games solo offline, you may not be able to play with your kids or friends who are also on the trip.

    This is where going back to a board game or card game is the best travel option. You don't have to worry about connectivity or having your phone or tablet run out of power. Here are games you can take with you off the grid and keep playing while you are traveling.

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    Scrabble Folio Edition

    Scrabble board game

    Lindsay Attaway/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    The classic word game is available in a deluxe travel edition, with a board that features recessed spaces to hold the letters in place and a cloth bag to carry the tiles. It's very convenient to take along to play, especially if there are going to be bumps in the road or turbulence in the air. You won't have to rely on connectivity as you do with the Words With Friends app or the Scrabble app.

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    Chess Travel Edition

    Chess game

    Jim Corwin/Getty Images

    There are a variety of Chess travel editions available, some of which are very inexpensive. Some of the Chess travel editions also come with a travel version of Checkers, but separate Checkers travel games also are available. Your trip may be the right time to introduce your kids to Chess or to let them beat you at Checkers. Look for magnetic versions to smooth out any bumpy rides.

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    Backgammon Travel Edition

    Backgammon - Board Game from Elliott Avedon Museum
    Backgammon - Board Game from Elliott Avedon Museum. Photo used with permission of The Elliott Avedon Museum & Archive of Games, University of Waterloo.

    Because it mixes skill and luck quite nicely, Backgammon is a good game to have along on a trip; it appeals to players of various ages. Backgammon boards are commonly available in travel editions, some with magnetic pieces to keep them in place if you're playing in the car or in other bumpy circumstances.

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    Alexas Fotos/Pixabay

    Players compete to move their pawn from one side of the board to the other, but they can also erect fences to make their opponent's journey more difficult. You may relate to that if your journey is far from being a smooth one.

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