Top 100+ Painting Tips for Artists

A collection of useful painting tips to help you improve your painting.

Painter's Brushes
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This collection of 100+ painting tips covers a variety of media - watercolor, oil, acrylic, and pastel - and all sorts of things that come up when you're painting, preparing to paint, cleaning up after a painting session, or thinking about framing and exhibiting.

Tips for Dealing with Paint Tubes

Paint Brush Tips

Painting Technique Tips

Practical Painting Tips

Canvas Tips

Color Theory and Color Mixing Tips

Creativity Tips

Portrait and Figure Painting Tips

Still Life Painting Tips

Landscape Painting Tips

Framing and Exhibiting Tips

Perspective, Value, and Composition Painting Tips

Acrylic Painting Tips

Oil Painting Tips

Watercolor Painting Tips

Pastel Painting Tips

Updated by Lisa Marder 10/28/16