The Most Popular Board and Card Games on This Site

These are the 10 most popular board games for visitors to the Board Games and Card Games site, based on usage logs.

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    Monopoly 1935 Deluxe First Edition
    Monopoly 1935 Deluxe First Edition. Image courtesy of Winning Moves

    Perhaps the best-known of all modern board games, Monopoly is both over-hyped and under-appreciated. Most people play using incorrect rules, making it a somewhat tedious experience. But there is a solid game here involving some basic economics.

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    Risk / Risk 2210 AD

    An updated version of Risk, Risk 2210 AD improves the original by shortening the game (five turns), introducing underwater and space territories, and more. Powerful commanders and cards add new strategy. You can still use the original rules if you prefer.

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    Mah Jongg

    Modern Mah Jongg goes back only 100 years or so, but it has roots that stretch back to about 800 AD. After being wildly popular upon its introduction in the U.S., Mah Jongg faded a bit from pop culture, but the game is once again winning new fans.

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    Mother and Father teaching young son to play Scrabble
    PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

    Some players study Scrabble, the most popular word game in the world, like Garry Kasparov studies Chess. The Deluxe edition boasts several worthwhile features, including a board that spins and holds letters in place. I think Scrabble is best with 2 players.

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    Beyblades are spinning, fighting, customizable and inexpensive tops originally from Japan.

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    Backgammon is the race game you might not even realize is a race game: The goal is to get all of your pieces off the board before your opponent does the same. A terrific mix of luck and skill, tactics and strategy, Backgammon is a classic game for a reason -- it's fun.

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    Two players secretly deploy their armadas and then try to destroy each other. A simple game that has entertained players for decades.

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    Deploy your armies in a way that protects your flag while giving you a chance to capture your opponent's flag. Strategy and intrigue mix well in this game.

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    Checkers / Draughts

    The board game Checkers ​(also known as Draughts) dates back to at least the sixteenth century.

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    From the 7th century until today, the rules of Chess have always been evolving. But it's still a wonderful game that attracts players from all over the world.