Top 7 Games for Movie Fans

Show Your Knowledge of the Cinema and Win

Apart from playing board games and card games, another favorite pastimeĀ is watching movies. Here are our picks for the best games for movie fans that let you put your cinematic factoids to use.

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    Hollywood Blockbuster / Traumfabrik

    Traumfabrik, which translates to Dream Factory, is a compelling board game in which players assemble the cast, director and crew members to film some of Hollywood's most memorable films. Published by Hasbro in Germany, it is worth seeking out. Players bid on the directors and stars (all real giants of Hollywood like Hitchcock and Monroe), winning points for producing the best movies. (A later U.S. edition, Hollywood Blockbuster, features the same great gameplay but replaces real actors and movies with caricatures and pseudonyms.)

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    Scene It?

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    Movie trivia games have never benefited from players being able to actually see the subject of the questions, until now. In Scene It? there are eight question categories. Three of them require the included DVD, including watching a movie clip and then answering a related question and identifying a movie from a single frame in which the actors' faces have been removed. Scene It? is a terrific game.

    It is available in several versions including movie-specific or series-specific versions such as Scene It? 007, Scene It? Disney, Scene It? Turner Classic Movies, Scene It? Harry Potter, and Scene It? Pirates of the Caribbean. There are deluxe versions and junior versions.

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    Hollywood's Reel Schpeel

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    In Reel Schpeel, players deliver actual lines from movies, trying to get their teammates to guess such things as what film it's from, who said it, and who starred in it. It's a nice twist on the trivia genre. It was published by Game Geste but is out of production. You may find it on

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    AMC Reel Clues

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    Players have to name the movie based on the hints given in AMC Reel Clues; the sooner you succeed the more points you earn. The game has five different types of clues, including sketching and doing an imitation, so there's a nice variety of gameplay. It is out of production but you may be able to find it on

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    Mad About Movies

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    Players compete to answer trivia questions in five categories, including Who's Who, Quotes, In the Movies, Reel Knowledge, and Directors. It's another great movie trivia game. However, it is also out of production. You can often find it on

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    With this card game, you connect movies, actors, and genres in patterns like dominoes. It's a little like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, only with a wider bunch of actors and movies. There are Director's Cut cards that mix things up. It's best for two to six players, age 13 and over. It takes 30 to 60 minutes to play a game. It can be found on

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    Double Feature

    This card game gets you thinking, and there are multiple correct answers. You draw two cards and then earn points by naming a movie that includes both of them. The categories include character, genre, location, production, prop, scene, setting, and theme. It's best for four to 10 people, ages 10 and over. It takes between 20 and 30 minutes to play a game.