Top 3 Games for Movie Fans

Dream Factory game


If you love playing board games and card games as much as you love movies, you'll love putting the two together even more. There are great movie trivia games for all ages and all levels of cinema mastery. Some test your ability to make connections that cross genres and actors' careers. Others let you deliver a famous line or put you in the Director's chair.

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    Scene It?

    Scene it game


    Movie trivia games have never benefited from players being able to see the subject of the questions, until now. In Scene It? there are eight question categories. Three of them require the included DVD, including watching a movie clip and then answering a related question and identifying a movie from a single frame in which the actors' faces have been removed. Scene It? is a terrific game.

    It is available in several versions, including movie-specific or series-specific versions such as Scene It? 007, Scene It? Disney, Scene It? Turner Classic Movies, Scene It? Harry Potter, and Scene It? Pirates of the Caribbean. There are deluxe versions and junior versions.

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    Hollywood's Reel Schpeel

    Hollywood's Real Schpeel game
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    In Reel Schpeel, players deliver actual lines from movies, trying to get their teammates to guess such things as what film it's from, who said it, and who starred in it. It's a nice twist on the trivia genre because it casts you in the starring role (for your turn, at least).

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    Mad About Movies

    Mad About Movies game


    In Mad About Movies, players compete to answer trivia questions in five categories, including Who's Who, Quotes, In the Movies, Reel Knowledge, and Directors. The game contains over 1,500 questions from 700 movies, including a special Director's Cut category. The movies cover a wide variety of genres and Hollywood eras.