The 4 Best Drawing or Sculpting Board Games of 2021

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The classic draw-and-guess game, Pictionary is played in pairs or teams and the drawer cannot give any verbal clues or gestures.
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In addition to drawing and sculpting, this game includes word games, trivia, and more challenges.
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This game requires one player to try to draw an object—with the dry erase board attached to their forehead!
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In this guessing game, you are both the artist and the guesser—helped by your partners, who describe what you need to draw as you go.
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Pictionary is the classic draw-and-guess game. One person draws a card and has to draw what is assigned, without giving any verbal ​clues or gestures. Their partner tries to guess the word, with a one-minute timer signaling if they aren't successful. There are several versions available (e.g., Nascar, Simpsons, Armed Forces, Austin Powers). For three or more players or teams. One of the newest versions has erasable markers and boards for drawing. While that may be convenient, it means you won't be able to keep your drawings for posterity except by taking a photo of them.

A variation, Pictionary Man, has two teams each decorating a game piece as one-half of a paired clue, such as "Bride and Groom."

Hasbro Gaming Cranium

Subtitled "The Whole Brain Game," Cranium includes both drawing and sculpting, in addition to other challenges like unscrambling words, answering trivia questions, etc. It comes with Cranium Clay to use for the sculpting challenges, and paper and pencils for the sketching challenges. Various boosters, themes sets, and a children's version are available. This game is for four or more players.

Buffalo Games Skribble Head The Fast Guessing, Draw On Your Own Head Game

This game is bound to be a blast. One player wears a drawing board on her head, attached to an elastic headband. She rolls to get an object she must draw on the drawing board while the other players guess what it is. Both the artist and the person who guesses correctly get points. It comes with a dry-erase marker.

Paul Lamond Games Tintastic Skribble

This game has a nice twist on the drawing genre. In Skribble, you have no idea what you're drawing. Your partners are describing what you need to draw ("put a box on top of a circle..."), and you have to guess what it is. This game is for three or more players.