Top 5 Books for Scrabble Players

Improve Your Scrabble Game and Have Fun Learning New Words

Scrabble is, hands down, the most popular word game in the world. It's played even by people who can't speak English―and some players devote as much time to its study as do the grandest of Chess grandmasters.

Most of the books on this list can help improve your Scrabble skills; one (Word Freak) puts you in the minds of the top Scrabble players.

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    Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

    The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

    Are you tired of arguments about what is and isn't a legitimate Scrabble word? Avoid disputes by getting the official dictionary used by serious players and published by Merriam-Webster. The Fifth Edition was published in 2014. You can buy it in many forms. Hardcover is expensive but may look solidly official next to your game board. You can buy it in paperback to rifle through for much less. But why not go modern with the app for your mobile phone or tablet, or the Kindle version?

    Older versions of the Merriam-Webster Official Scrabble Players Dictionary can be used if you agree upon them with your opponents, but the Fifth Edition has 5,000 new words you may want use. The prior versions were the First Edition in 1987, Second Edition in 1989, Third Edition in 1995 that eliminated offensive terms, and Fourth Edition in 2005, which added the valuable words qi and za.

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    Word Freak

    Word Freak

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    Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble Players by Stefan Fatsis is a fascinating dive into the world of competitive Scrabble. The author writes for The Wall Street Journal and reports for National Public Radio. He tracks his climb up the Scrabble rating ladder and introduces us to fascinating personalities along the way. It is a highly recommended book, even if your interest in Scrabble is only as a casual player. See how linguistics meets math and psychology in the game. The book was originally published in 2001 and a new edition published in 2013 adds an afterword by the author.

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    Everything Scrabble

    Everything Scrabble

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    Scrabble greats Joe Edley and John D. Williams combined to write this first Scrabble how-to book endorsed by the National Scrabble Association. It includes tips, puzzles, diagrams and more. Beginners and seasoned players both can benefit from what this book will teach you. If you've ever wondered how Aunt Wendy managed to beat you by so many points, you'll want to get this book before your next game. However, since it was published in 2001, it may not have some of the newer allowed two-letter words, such as qi and za.

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    Official Scrabble Puzzle Book

    The Official Scrabble Puzzle Book

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    Joe Edley, a two-time Scrabble National Champion, pops up again as the author of this book. 800 puzzles are included to help sharpen your Scrabble skills. It also includes an analysis of 50 actual games and computer simulation results. Learn how to use bonus squares effectively and look for bingos and seven-letter plays. It includes eight questions to ask yourself on each play so you can puzzle out the ideal play for that turn. Your Scrabble wizard Aunt Wendy will wonder how you got so good so fast.

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    Official Scrabble Quiz Game Book Volume 2

    The Official Scrabble Quiz

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    Robert Allen compiled this collection of Scrabble quizzes, which can be used to improve your gameplay or just to pass the time. Sixty Scrabble boards are included. A first volume is also available with 60 Scrabble boards included.