Top 7 Bible Party Games

Games Using Biblical Words, Events, Names, and Places

Many party games can be easily converted to a Bible theme. If you are planning a party for a faith-based group, you may want to use one of these games rather than their secular equivalents. They incorporate names, events, and places from the Bible.

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    Scattergories Bible Edition

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    Roll the die to see what letter comes up, and then find answers that begin with that letter to categories like, "things to forgive," "places Christ walked," or, "things that separate us from each other." It's appropriate for ages 8 and up.

    A special Catholic edition also is available with sixteen additional categories that are based on the Catholic faith.

    These games would be a good activity for a party for your youth group, Bible study group, or an activity for a faith-based senior center.

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    Bible Blurt

    In Bible Blurt, one player reads a definition out loud (e.g. "a person who works with wood"). The other players try to be the first to blurt out the correct answer. A junior version is included in the game. It's available as a board game or as a card game. The definitions are taken from the new International Version of the Bible. It's appropriate for ages 8 and up, for three to 12 players for the board game.

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    Bible Mad Gab

    Mad Gab game

    Read this phrase out loud: "Pill Are Offs Halt." Do you get it? It says, naturally, "pillar of salt." In Bible Mad Gab, you have 30 seconds to solve three of these riddles. It's available as a board game or as a card game. It's appropriate for ages 10 and up, for two or more players.

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    Bible TriBond

    Bible TriBond game

    Take three things, such as a merchant or money changer, a fish, and a snake, and figure out what they have in common. Do that the best, and you'll win Bible TriBond (the answer here is, of course, that they all have scales). All of these threesome questions are sourced from the New International Version of the Bible. It's appropriate for ages 12 and up and should be played by two or more players.

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    Apples to Apples Bible Edition

    Apples to Apples Bible game

    This matching/comparing game of Apples to Apples Bible edition is suitable ages 8 and up, for four to 10 players. The cards to be compared all feature people, places, things and events from the Bible or Christian history. It takes only about 30 minutes to play a game. It's good for intergenerational parties.

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    Bible Taboo

    Bible Taboo game

    This fun word-guessing game has the twist that there are five words you can't use to give your partner a clue as to the target word. You also can't use gestures. The words used are from the Bible. Bible Taboo is appropriate for ages 10 to adult, for four or more players. It takes only about 20 minutes to play a game.

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    Cranium Bible Edition

    Cranium Bible game

    Cranium is very popular as it exercises not only your brain but also your creativity. It combines trivia, word puzzles, drawing, and acting. The Cranium Bible edition has 600 cards to fit the theme. The game board folds out so you can choose how long the game is likely to last. It's appropriate for teens and adults, for four or more players.