13 Tips for Setting up a Craft Room

How to Establish Your Creative Space

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There are several home design ideas to consider when designating a space devoted solely to the pursuit of crafts. Make sure to think about the following points when establishing your work area.

First of all, is the room big enough for your needs? Does it have enough space for you to work comfortably plus enough space for your tools and supplies?

You might choose to use an extra bedroom, basement room, or part of another room that is designated for another purpose. Make sure to consider the type of flooring the room has. A carpeted room might not be such a good idea if you work with paints, chemicals, or solvents when creating your projects.

Does this room have privacy? Your area should be away from the active spaces of your home. You will need a quiet place to think and come up with creative ideas. This space will be your creative studio!

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    Find the Right Work Table for You

    The most crucial piece of furniture necessary for a craft room is a big, sturdy work table. The surface should have plenty of room for you to spread your materials and supplies out comfortably. You should be able to work efficiently, and with comfort, Creativity does not flow in areas that are small and cramped.

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    Find the Right Shelves and Splurge on Them

    Shelving units, both open and closed, are essential for the craft room. Keep the crafting supplies you use most often on the open shelves in plain view, and store less often used art supplies and tools behind closed doors. You can never have too many shelves in a craft room. Crafters love to stock up on good crafting supply deals.

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    Don't Forget the Countertops

    If you are lucky enough to have an ample workspace, adding, countertops can be a beautiful addition to your work area. These allow more than one crafter to work in your space and also help when you have to move around a lot.
    Install your countertops at standing height. You should be able to work on a countertop without bending your back. The right height prevents back pains and sprains. Use bar stools if you want to sit and work at your craft bars.

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    Divide Your Workspace Into Zones

    Bring order to your workspace by dividing your area into zones. Have an area for your computer and digital needs. Have another area for crafting projects (painting, sewing, paper crafting, etc.). Designate yet another area as a gift wrapping station. Set up your photo equipment near a window if you take pictures of your crafts.

    Everyone works differently, and there is no one standard size fits all plan to establish work zones. You have to determine your crafting needs and set up zones according to your preferences. Orderly zones help you stay organized and efficient.

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    Have Windows Which Allow Natural Light Into the Room

    One of the most helpful things your craft room can have is large windows with natural light pouring in. Granted this is a luxury that is not possible for all crafters, as many people are stuck in basement areas with small or nonexistent windows.

    Numerous crafters have blogs and share photos of their crafts. If you want to take excellent pictures of your work projects, a natural light source is an absolute must-have.

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    Consider Storage Space and Storage Containers

    If you are planning to use a closet or utility cabinet for storage, don't forget to have plenty of storage boxes and baskets on hand for your supplies. You don't have to spend a ton of cash if you don't want to. Buy baskets at thrift stores or yard sales. Repurpose some of those Amazon mailing boxes by decorating with fabric or paper.

    Labeling storage containers is crucial! A label machine comes in handy for keeping track of your crafting supplies that are stored in those boxes and baskets. Crafters often forget what supplies they have on hand, and if you don't label the containers, you will end up wasting money. Who wants to spend precious hard-earned cash buying replacements for tools and supplies that you already have on hand?

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    Get a Pegboard and Hooks

    A pegboard mounted on a wall near your craft table is an incredibly useful addition to your craft room. Use hooks to store your art tools on the board and never have to deal with disorganization and frustration, searching for a needed tool.

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    Get a Chair With Wheels

    An office chair with wheels comes in very handy! There will be times when you want to move to an area and not leave your seat. Some might view this as incredibly lazy, but you will appreciate your chair with wheels when immersed in a craft project.

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    A Desk

    A computer is an integral part of crafting these days. You may use it for editing pictures in Photoshop or attach it to a digital die cutter for cutting out scrapbook elements. You will need a desk for your computer with ample drawers for storage space.

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    Get a Bulletin Board

    Bulletin boards are handy for pinning to-do lists, photos, inspirations, bills and a host of other papers. Decorate your bulletin board with fabric or paper to coordinate with the rest of your craft room decor if you so desire!

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    Get Built-in Wall Units

    Built-in wall units used for storage is another luxury item for your craft room. It's nice if you can afford it! One hack to achieve this look is to place affordable Ikea storage units next to each and trim with molding. It's a high-end custom look with a reasonable price tag!

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    Consider Your Lighting Needs

    Lighting is an important consideration, especially if you have a basement craft room. Halogen task lighting which mimics natural light is easy on your eyesight and makes sewing, painting, and drawing much more enjoyable.

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    Get Soft Rubber Mats

    If you stand for extended periods when crafting, you may want to buy a soft rubber mat. Standing on your feet might cause leg pain and backaches. Rubber mats help absorb and alleviate foot and leg stress.