Tips for Making Thoughtful Sympathy Cards


Handmade sympathy cards are a lovely way to show someone that you are thinking of them during a time of great sadness. However they are often difficult to make and even experienced card makers find making sympathy cards tricky. Here are some tips for making handmade sympathy cards:

Sympathy Card Design

Simple and elegant designs are often best for sympathy cards. Flowers make an ideal theme and offer the opportunity for subtle color. It is best not to go overboard with embellishments and adornments, let the main focus of the card be the message that you are thinking of the recipient during their time of sadness.

Color Schemes

Traditional colors for mourning and sadness are dark colors such as black and purple. However other colors can be incorporated into sympathy card designs. It is best to avoid frivolous colors such as bright pinks or turquoise, unless you specifically want to build a bright colour into your design because it holds a special memory or significance.

Words and Sentiments

There are many words and sentiments that are suitable for sympathy cards. We have some ideas and inspiration for sentiments for sympathy cards here - Sentiments for Sympathy Cards. 'With sympathy' or 'thinking of you' will clearly share your meaning with the recipient. A few lines from a poem or some religious text if appropriate make thoughtful sentiments for handmade sympathy cards. You may be able to buy a suitable 'with sympathy' rubber stamp or add your own printed text.

Make it Personal

A handmade sympathy card will give you plenty of opportunity to make the card personal and a little extra thoughtful. For instance you may want to make the card with a theme that is special to the recipient or that shares some important memories. You make also want to write a few extra words on the card or even a photograph. One of the advantages of making your own sympathy cards is that you can make the card highly personal if desired, and to share your thoughts and memories.

Keeping Cards

Many people keep sympathy cards and receive comfort from the fact that people are thinking of them during a time of sadness. Consider making your sympathy cards using acid free materials. This will help to preserve the colors and text on the cards for many years to come.

Personalizing Shop Bought Cards

If you don't want to make a sympathy card from scratch then you could consider personalizing a shop bought card. Blank cards with a decorated front and no text can be given a sympathy theme by the addition of a few suitable words or sentiments. This can be a good compromise. Sympathy cards are often difficult to make, however the comfort that they can give the recipient and the fact that you are showing someone that you thoughts are with them make sympathy cards an important type of card to make.

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