How to Tie a Perfect Bow

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    Create the Loops of Ribbon

    Forming the loops of ribbon for a bow
    Debbie Colgrove

    A perfectly balanced and evenly looped bow is not the challenge you think it will be. These free step by step directions will guide you through the process so you can decorate clothing, gifts, and more with perfect bows.

    • Use a length of ribbon which will be long enough for the bow you want to create.
    • Find the center of the length of ribbon.
    • Create a loop on both sides of the center of the ribbon.
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    Tie the Loops

    Folding ribbon loops over each other
    Debbie Colgrove

    Next, tie a simple bow, being careful to adjust the loops and tails as you go to create a smooth appearance.

    • Cross the loops over each other to create an X.
    • Tie the bow by bringing the back loop forward through the opening under the X.
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    Smoothing the Ribbon

    Finished ribbon bow
    Debbie Colgrove

    Rearrange the ribbon, so the right side faces outwards, and the finished bow lays flat.

    • Twist the center and tails, so the right side of the ribbon is exposed.
    • Pull ribbon loops to tighten the bow. Pull the tails to shorten the loops and repeat tightening the bow if desired to adjust the size of the bow.
    • Use the bow as decoration on crafts, clothing, or wrapped gifts!