36 Christmas Wreaths You Can DIY

Disco Ball Wreath

A Beautiful Mess

It's hard not to feel extra crafty when the holiday season rolls around, and a classic project that you can easily make happen is a DIY wreath. Whether your taste in holiday decor is clean and minimalist or bold and glitzy, you'll find a DIY Christmas wreath to make this holiday season in the list below.

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    Scandinavian Style Wreath

    diy christmas wreath made of sewing hoop
    Caylin Harris

    Here's how to make a Christmas wreath that's both minimalist and beautiful. Using an embroidery hoop as the base, adorn your wreath with greenery and dried flowers, then add a velvet ribbon and mini Christmas bulbs for a festive finishing touch.

    Embroidery Hoop Wreath from The Spruce

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    Fresh Christmas Wreath

    DIY Fresh Christmas Wreath
    Delia Creates

    Arrive home and be welcomed with the fresh scent of evergreen by hanging this DIY wreath on your front door this winter.

    DIY Fresh Christmas Wreath Tutorial from Delia Creates

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    Christmas Ornament Wreath

    How to make a Christmas ornament wreath
    Lovely Indeed

    No more room on your tree? Instead of leaving your extra Christmas ornaments tucked away in a storage box, repurpose them into a wreath. This easy DIY makes for a fun crafternoon with friends and family.

    DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath from The Spruce

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    Burlap Covered Wreath

    DIY Burlap Covered Wreath
    Little Birdie Secrets

    Add some candy cane red to your door by cutting red burlap into small circles to cover a foam wreath.

    DIY Burlap Covered Wreath Tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets

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    Diamond Boxwood Wreath

    DIY Diamond Boxwood Wreath
    Homey Oh My

    Instead of the traditional circular wreath, do something different this year and hang a diamond-shaped wreath on your door instead.

    DIY Diamond Boxwood Wreath Tutorial from Homey Oh My

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    Christmas Wreath Trio

    DIY Christmas Wreath Trio
    Tried And True

    Why stop at one wreath? Cover your entire front door by hanging three wreaths tied together with a ribbon for a dramatic look.

    DIY Christmas Wreath Trio Tutorial from Tried And True

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    Honeycomb Christmas Wreath

    DIY Honeycomb Christmas Wreath
    Oh Happy Day

    Repurpose your leftover birthday party decor by using honeycomb balls in a variety of colors to build a fun Christmas wreath.

    DIY Honeycomb Christmas Wreath Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    Simple Wire Wreath

    DIY Simple Wire Wreath
    Sugar And Cloth

    For a quick wreath that works year-round, paint a wire wreath gold and enhance it with a small plant accent.

    DIY Simple Wire Wreath Tutorial from Sugar And Cloth

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    White Winter Wreath

    DIY White Winter Wreath
    A Beautiful Mess

    Celebrate the falling snow with a wintery white wreath that you can hang on your front door.

    DIY Winter Wreath Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

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    Sequin Wreath

    DIY Sequin Wreath
    A Bubbly Life

    Wrapped with sequin ribbon, this simple but glamorous wreath adds some extra sparkle to your holiday decor.

    DIY Sequin Wreath Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    Paper Holiday Wreath

    DIY Paper Holiday Wreath

    Decorating your home for the holidays does not need to be expensive. Using sheets of colored paper, you can DIY this beautiful wreath to hang on your door.

    DIY Paper Holiday Wreath Tutorial from Proper

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    Joy Wreath

    DIY Joy Wreath
    Oh Happy Day

    Spell the word joy over your mantel by making an evergreen J and Y to go on either side of a round Christmas wreath.

    DIY Joy Wreath Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    Poinsettia Wreath

    DIY Poinsettia Wreath
    A Night Owl Blog

    Poinsettias are a classic holiday season flower, and you can incorporate them into your home's decor this winter by making this easy wreath out of artificial poinsettia blossoms.

    DIY Poinsettia Wreath Tutorial from A Night Owl Blog

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    Candy Advent Wreath

    DIY Candy Advent Wreath
    Oh Happy Day

    If you're searching for Christmas wreath ideas your kids will appreciate, look no further than this advent calendar wreath. Count the days until Christmas morning by unwrapping a treat-filled piece of candy each day.

    DIY Candy Advent Wreath Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    Snowy Branches Christmas Wreath

    DIY Snowy Branches Christmas Wreath
    DIY Snowy Branches Christmas Wreath Sister's Suitcase

    Celebrate the snowy winter landscape by crafting a DIY wreath inspired by snow-covered branches.

    DIY Snowy Branches Christmas Wreath Tutorial from Sister's Suitcase

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    Giant DIY Christmas Wreath

    DIY Giant Christmas Wreath
    Homemade Ginger

    Get creative and transform a hula hoop into a stunning large Christmas wreath using branches, twine, and paper mache letters.

    DIY Giant Christmas Wreath Tutorial from Homemade Ginger

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    Hanging Advent Wreath

    DIY Hanging Advent Wreath
    The Merrythought

    Count down the days until Christmas with this spectacular hanging advent calendar wreath.

    DIY Hanging Advent Wreath Tutorial from The Merrythought

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    PVC Pipe Wreath

    DIY PVC Pipe Wreath
    A Beautiful Mess

    This non-traditional Christmas wreath is made with PVC pipes that have been cut into small rings and formed into the shape of a wreath. Make it even more festive by placing small Christmas ornaments inside the hoops.

    DIY PVC Pipe Wreath Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

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    Merry And Bright Wreath

    DIY Merry And Bright Wreath
    Tried And True

    For those who favor a more rustic look, add a holiday message to your wreath with a printable "Merry and Bright" sign, then hang the wreath on a painted paper mache deer head.

    DIY Merry and Bright Wreath Tutorial from Tried And True

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    Simple Triangle Wreath

    DIY Simple Triangle Wreath
    Almost Makes Perfect

    Give your evergreen wreath a modern twist by forming it into a triangle instead of the traditional circle.

    DIY Simple Triangle Wreath Tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect

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    Warm Socks Christmas Wreath

    DIY Warm Socks Christmas Wreath
    North Story

    If you've pulled out some socks with holes in the toes this winter, don't throw them out––instead, upcycle them into a cozy holiday wreath using embroidery hoops. 

    DIY Warm Socks Christmas Wreath Tutorial from Northstory

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    Disco Ball Wreath

    DIY Disco Ball Wreath
    A Beautiful Mess

    Add some extra sparkle to your holiday decor with this disco ball wreath.

    DIY Disco Ball Wreath Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

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    Minimalist DIY Christmas Wreath

    DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath
    Poppy Talk

    This DIY Christmas wreath illustrates how beautiful simplicity can be. Create your own minimalist wreath by enhancing an embroidery hoop with various types of fresh evergreen branches and battery-operated lights.

    DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath Tutorial from Poppytalk

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    Peppermint Monogram Wreath

    DIY Peppermint Monogram Wreath
    Two Twenty One

    Use peppermint candies to make a custom monogram wreath to hang on your front door. Cover a pre-cut paper mache or wooden letter with the iconic red-and-white candies for a minty fresh wreath to greet visitors.

    DIY Peppermint Monogram Wreath Tutorial from Two Twenty One

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    Monogram Candy Cane Wreath

    DIY Monogram Candy Cane Wreath
    Craftaholics Anonymous

    Update an old artificial wreath that's been gathering dust in the closet by adding a fun candy cane monogram.

    DIY Monogram Candy Cane Wreath Tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous

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    DIY Himmeli Wreath

    DIY Wreaths
    Decor Fix

    Craft an exquisite geometric gold wreath for the holidays using floral wire, coffee stir sticks, and gold spray paint. This show-stopping piece of decor is sure to be one that you will want to reuse every Christmas.

    DIY Himmeli Wreath Tutorial from The Decor Fix

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    Boxwood Wreath

    DIY Boxwood Wreath
    View Along The Way

    Use a wire hanger and pieces of boxwood to create a classic wreath that will look marvelous hung in your home.

    DIY Boxwood Wreath Tutorial from View Along The Way

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    Gift Wrap Wreath

    DIY Gift Wrap Wreath
    Centsational Girl

    Use up some of your extra Christmas wrapping paper by rolling pieces to make a wreath that adds cheer to any room in your house.

    DIY Gift Wrap Wreath Tutorial from Centsational Girl

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    Multicolored Disco Ball Wreath

    DIY Multicolored Disco Ball Wreath
    A Bubbly Life

    This multi-colored disco ball wreath seamlessly transitions from Christmas to New Year's, giving you even more occasions to enjoy a little bit of glam in your home.

    DIY Multicolored Disco Ball Wreath Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    Marshmallow Wreath

    DIY Marshmallow Wreath
    The Sweet Escape

    Grab a bag of marshmallows and a wreath form and get started creating your own marshmallow wreath. While you're at it, save a few marshmallows for a mug of hot cocoa to sip while you craft.

    DIY Marshmallow Wreath Tutorial from The Sweet Escape

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    Snowball Wreath

    DIY Snowball Wreath
    Addicted 2 Decorating

    Greet guests who come to your front door with this playful snowball wreath made from styrofoam balls covered in Epsom salt.

    DIY Snowball Wreath Tutorial from Addicted 2 Decorating

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    Bright Red Holiday Wreath

    DIY Bright Red Holiday Wreath

    If you like your holiday decor to be bright and bold, this striking red wreath would be the perfect DIY for your home.

    DIY Bright Red Holiday Wreath Tutorial from Landleelu

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    Velvet Mistletoe Wreath

    DIY Velvet Mistletoe Wreath
    Urban Comfort

    This velvet mistletoe wreath adds a touch simple elegance to a room; it's so easy to make, you can craft a few for gift-giving too.

    DIY Velvet Mistletoe Wreath Tutorial from Urban Comfort

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    DIY Copper Wreath

    DIY Copper Wreath
    A Bubbly Life

    These lovely copper wreaths are crafted from an unexpected material: refrigerator coils. Use the copper loops to make illuminated wreaths to softly reflect mini Christmas lights.

    DIY Copper Wreath Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Christmas Bow Wreath

    DIY Christmas Bow Wreath
    Polka Dot Chair

    If you are looking for an easy wreath that takes minutes to make, this Christmas bow wreath is it. Just stick Christmas bows around an embroidery hoop and your wreath is ready to hang!

    DIY Christmas Bow Wreath Tutorial from Polka Dot Chair

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    DIY Card Wreath

    DIY Card Wreath
    Gwenny Penny

    This clever DIY Christmas wreath solves the problem of what to do with all the holiday cards you get in the mail. Put them on display by clipping them to the colored clothespins.

    DIY Card Wreath Tutorial from Gwenny Penny