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Weekend Cottage, Designed by Meg Evershed of The Nutmeg Company
Weekend Cottage, Designed by Meg Evershed. Photo © The Nutmeg Company

A good cross stitch designer can be hard to find. Especially one with a fresh and new idea or take on an old craft.While Meg Evershed's company may have started out of tragedy, it has blossomed into a thriving business and it allows her the family time that she wants. She really has the best of both worlds. She focuses on whimsical and intricate 3-D patterns and designs. There are not many designers that can work in 3-D, but Meg has managed to take cross stitch to another level. 


Name of Company and Designer:

The Nutmeg Company began selling kits designed by Meg Evershed in 1994. Originally packaged and distributed by Fabric Flair, since 2002, the kits have been available at stitching shows in the U.K. and through The Nutmeg Company website.

The Nutmeg Company Designer - Meg Evershed:

Meg Evershed began her path as a Cross Stitch designer when she found that she could not resume her career in social work after she started her family. Both of her daughters had significant health problems and needed regular care. Since she had also worked previously in the craft world, she chose to set up The Nutmeg Company in 1994 with a special focus on three dimensional cross stitch designs.

Types of Designs :

Three-dimensional designs, frequently with a practical purpose. The perforated paper designs include greeting cards and gift bags and fabric designs range from Christmas decorations to keepsake boxes.

Stitching Level Required:

Experience with stitching is a plus for success with The Nutmeg Company patterns. Meg explains, "We tend to describe our kits as a way for the stitcher to develop their skills, and as something of a challenge to those who want to try something new. We would not feel they were suitable for absolute beginners, who had never stitched before, but our small perforated paper kits often seem to be enjoyed by stitchers with little experience."

3-D Cross Stitch Kits:

The kits for the 3-D designs from The Nutmeg Company include a pattern and instructions, perforated paper or fabric and everything needed to complete the project except glue for the perforated paper kits, and ordinary sewing thread needed for construction of the fabric kits.

After-Sales Service:

According to Meg, "We also joke that we provide an after-sales service! We always encourage stitchers to contact us if they need any help with our kits. If 3-D work is a new concept, it sometimes helps to talk it through, and we urge people to get in touch rather than sit and stew.."

Other Activities :

In addition to designing for The Nutmeg Company, Meg teaches workshops and enjoys meeting stitchers and discussing 3-D Cross Stitch with them.

Homepage Features:

See more photos of 3-D Cross Stitch from The Nutmeg Company and learn more about the latest kits and products available on The Nutmeg Company homepage.

3-D Cross Stitch Book - Published in 1999:

More About the Photos from The Nutmeg Company:

Weekend Cottage: The Weekend Cottage is one of several tiny cottage kits. These kits are designed to give a stitcher an idea what three-dimensional stitching involves. The finished size is approximately 2 1/2 inches high.

Christmas Trees: A set of three trees in different sizes, each one covered with decorations of candles, baubles and candy canes, and topped with a gold coloured bead.

Three-Dimensional Windsor Castle: This 3-D Windsor Castle was commissioned by the company Creative Exhibitions, for display at a London Needlecraft show in April 2002, the Queen's jubilee year. It took about three months to make using the same techniques used to make simple houses. The model shows the Round Tower and the Upper Ward of the Castle, with the State Apartments. The walls were stitched on 18-count Rustico Aida, to give the appearance of stone. Visit The Nutmeg Company to see more images of this incredible example of three-dimensional Cross Stitch.