The Complete Guide to Checkers

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Checkers, called Draughts in most countries, has been traced back to the 1300s, though it may indeed stretch further into history than that.

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    Rules of Checkers

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    These are the standard U.S. rules for Checkers, played on an 8x8 board with 12 checkers per player.

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    How to Win at Checkers

    While Checkers is technically a "solved game" -- which is to say, a computer has been programmed that will never lose a game -- most humans do not have such a computer at their disposal. For this reason, you might appreciate Seth Brown's tips on how to win at Checkers.

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    Play Checkers Online

    There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of places to play Checkers online, both against human opponents and against artificial intelligence opponents. These are my favorite places to play the board game Checkers online.

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    How to Set Up a Checkers Board - Video

    Learn how to set up a checkers board and determine who goes first when you play in this video from Paul Sampson.