The Best Embroidery Kits to Buy for Beginners

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Want to jump into an embroidery project with one easy purchase? Get started with one of these 10 embroidery kits for beginners.

When you're new to embroidery, one of the most intimidating parts of any project is making sure you have the right supplies and then getting the pattern transferred to the fabric. Buying an embroidery kit lets you skip those steps so you can start stitching!

Brush up on a few embroidery stitch essentials, then grab a kit and go!

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    Pre-Printed Luna Moth Embroidery Kit

    Luna Moth Printed Embroidery Kit

    Little Dear / Etsy

    Aimee Ray, the author of the Doodle Stitching embroidery book series, offers a collection of beautiful embroidery kits. Each kit includes all the floss you need, a hoop and needle, and a pre-printed fabric square. What sets these kits apart is that the printing includes beautiful background shading to fill your embroidery with color and all you need to do is work a few basic stitches!

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    Wall Hanging Circular Sampler Kit

    Beginner Sampler Kit

    Purl Soho

    To practice some new stitches and create a simple but stylish wall hanging, look to Purl Soho's Beginner Sampler Kit. You can choose from several color options, each creating a different look with the same stitching. Because this sampler uses circles, transferring the pattern lines is as easy as tracing the included stencils!

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    Under the Sea Embroidered Tote Bag Kit

    Under the Sea Stitch-a-Tote

    Heidi Boyd

    This fun tote bag has a detailed design, but you can embroider the whole thing with beginner-level stitches. The Stitch-a-Tote kit includes a silk-screened tote (no transferring!), and all the supplies required... all you need to add is​ a pair of scissors!

    Looking for something a little different? Heidi Boyd also offers adorable tea towel kits!  

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    Embroidery Kit for Kids

    My Embroidery Kit for Kids

    Alex Brands

    Want to help a kid get started in embroidery? This embroidery kit from Alex has everything they need! While many embroidery kits focus on one specific project, this is more designed to teach kids embroidery and give them basic supplies. That said, it does include instructions for making an embroidered headband.

    This is also an easier kit to find, as it is usually available at Amazon, Target, and other large retailers at a discounted price.

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    Sublime Stitching's Beginner Pillow Embroidery Kit

    The Black Apple Beginner Pillow Kit

    Sublime Stitching

    Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching is often seen as bringing embroidery back into style, and she loves making it easy for new stitchers to get started. This collaboration with artist Emily Winfield Martin makes it simple to stitch your own pillow with a whimsical girl standing on a small stack of books.

    Transferring patterns to dark fabric like this can be tricky, but the pattern is already printed on the pillow cover. The kit also includes a pack of Sublime Stitching embroidery floss.

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    Modern Houseplant Pattern and Kit

    Modern Houseplant Embroidery Kit

    Tata Sol

    Based in Tel Aviv, Tata Sol offers a variety of embroidery kits, most featuring modern plants and contemporary abstracts. Her kits come in different colorways, and she also has great tutorials to work through the patterns, as well as instructional YouTube videos.

    Not looking for a kit? Her Etsy shop has even more designs as PDF patterns!

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    Snow Roses Embroidery Kit

    Roses De Neiges Embroidery Kit

    Rouge Du Rhin / The French Needle

    If you're a beginner looking to grow your embroidery skills and make an amazing piece to display in your home, consider a kit by Rouge du Rhin. These linen panels (pre-printed with water-soluble ink) let you embroider traditional designs like this "Roses de Neiges" or "Snow Roses" wreath. The kits include everything you need and are available in the United States from The French Needle.

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    Spring Wreath Double Hoop Embroidery Kit

    Spring Wreath Embroidery Kit

    Namaste Embroidery

    Namaste Embroidery designs incredible patterns often with bold styling. This spring hoop is a little more delicate and it's also unique with its double hoop wreath design. You can choose to buy this kit pre-printed as a single hoop version or transfer the pattern yourself in the double hoop kit.

    And although the stitching looks complex, the kit includes access to a video tutorial for beginners!

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    Blue Ocean Hand Embroidery Kit

    Blue Ocean Embroidery Kit
    Tamar Nahir-Yanai

    Artist Tamar Nahir-Yanai has a sweet and whimsical style that seems to capture both her and your imagination. You only need to know simple stitches for most of her kits, including this blue work design called Blue Ocean. When you order directly from Tamar, you can choose different options for what you'd like included with the kit, but you can also find some of her designs in large US craft stores.