Texas-Themed Word Search Puzzles and Quizzes

Word games and puzzles to learn about the Lone Star State

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Texas, known as the Lone Star State, is the second-biggest state in the union (but the largest in the continental United States). Home of cattle, oil rigs and southwestern cooking, Texas is a unique state and a part of the country with an interesting history. 

It also has some of the more unusual names for its cities, offering a good geography lesson for students. 

Here are some themed word searches and quizzes with subjects designed to help students learn more about Texas, its cities and its history. They're appropriate for beginning and advanced students. 

To add another component to these puzzles: Once your student has identified some of the city names in the word searches, have him or her learn an interesting fact about that city. 

Word Search Puzzles

  • Texas Cities Word Search: This is a timed, hidden word game of medium difficulty featuring Texas cities from "Abilene" to "Waco." This puzzle will help teach students about Texas geography (and how to spell some of its more difficult cities' names).
  • Texas Cities PuzzleCan you find Waxahachie, Odessa and Beesville? This printable word search puzzle is fairly difficult and includes close to 40 cities in Texas. 
  • Texas Word Search: This is an easy word search game where ten words are randomly chosen from a vocabulary list about the state of Texas. This is a good one for learning about Texas if a student is new to the topic, or hasn't studied geography before. 

Quizzes About the State of Texas

  • Texas Quiz- This quiz includes information about the state including the state capital, nickname, tree, flower, bird, abbreviation and much more. This introductory quiz is especially suitable for students learning about the state for the first time. 
  • Texas Quiz - Do you know which American president was born in Texas? What's the river that runs along its border with Mexico? If you're an expert about the Lone Star State, you should have no trouble with this 10-question quiz. 
  • Texas States and Cities Quiz: Do you know the Texas state flower? How about its least populous county? This quiz has some more difficult questions than the others above. But if you know the answers, you may be a true Texan.