8 Terrific Crafts for a Teddy Bear Picnic

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    Reasons to Throw a Teddy Bear Picnic

    Teddy bear pankcakes
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    Gather together your picnic baskets and blankets, sandwiches, water bottles, and, of course, teddy bears! While July 10th is officially National Teddy Bear Picnic Day, you can host a fun-themed picnic any time this summer. To prepare for your picnic, make these fun teddy bear themed crafts that your kiddos will surely enjoy!

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    Teddy Bear Toast

    Bear Toast
    Leah Maroney

    This teddy bear toast is the perfect snack to pack for a teddy bear picnic. It's healthy, yummy and absolutely adorable.

    Animal Toasts from The Spruce Eats

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    Bear Party Bags

    Pack a picnic lunch in these adorable teddy bear bags. These make a simple and perfect party favor for a Paddington Bear-themed birthday party too!

    Bear Party Bags from Make and Takes

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    Kids Bear Craft Using a Fork

    Grab a fork and some paint to create this bear craft for kids. We love how easy this craft is! Your kids are going to love it.

    Kids Bear Craft Using a Fork from Crafty Morning

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    Brown Bear Mask

    Turn a paper plate into a bear mask. Kids can wear these masks to pretend they are a big brown bear. RAWR!

    Brown Bear Mask from Mom.me

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    Teddy Bear Cootie Catcher

    This little printable will give your kids hours of playtime! It's easy to fold and make into a cootie catcher.

    Teddy Bear Cootie Catcher from Easy Peasy and Fun

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    Bear Hunt Map and Binoculars

    Go on a make-believe bear hunt with this DIY map. Make binoculars to go along with the map and start searching for those bears!

    Bear Hunt Map  from Buggy and Buddy

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    Paper Plate Teddy Bear Craft

    Use paper plates, brads and googly eyes to craft these teddy bears. This is an easy and simple project for children of all ages.

    Paper Plate Teddy Bear Craft from Building Our Story

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    Feed the Bear Alphabet Activity

    Your kiddos will love this activity of "feeding the bear." It's a simple DIY that you can set up in minutes for lots of fun playtime.

    Feed the Bear Alphabet Activity from Mom Inspired Life