How to Perform the 10 Card Poker Trick

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    The 10 Card Poker Card Trick

    Full house 7s and 10s
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's a first-rate easy magic trick that employs a poker theme. You can have fun learning the trick and then performing it for your card playing friends.


    This effect uses ten playing cards that you pull from the deck. You deal two hands of poker out of the 10 cards—one to a spectator and the other to yourself—and you win three times in a row. This is a classic poker themed trick.


    This is a packet trick as you'll be using a subset of the cards from a deck. To perform this trick, you’ll need to remove ten cards from the deck. While you're free to make your own combinations, take note of the requirements.


    From the deck, you'll need to draw out nine cards that makeup three three-of-a-kinds and one odd card that doesn't match any of the other cards. For purposes here, we will be using three tens, three nines, three sevens and one eight. The choice of suits doesn’t matter.


    Take a pencil and place light dots in the white corners on the back of the odd card, in this case, the eight. You’ll need to make sure that if you’re looking for these dots, you’ll be able to immediately identify this card under the lighting and other conditions under which you will be performing the trick.


    It’s all in how you deal the cards. Whoever receives the eight (odd card) will lose the game. You have to make sure that your spectator always receives the odd card.

    This article will take you through this trick step-by-step. 

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    The Deal

    Avoid this card
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Start out with the eight on top of the pack of ten cards. The order of the rest of the cards doesn’t matter.

    Deal the cards in normal fashion giving the spectator the top (odd) card and then dealing the rest of the cards until you and the spectator each have five cards. Turn over your cards and show that you have won. (You’ll win each time with either a four of a kind against a full house or a three of a kind against two pairs.)

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    Deal Again

    Three 8s a 7 and a 9
    Wayne Kawamoto

    As you gather the cards, note where the eight (odd card) is and make sure that it ends up on top of the pack. Once again, deal the cards giving the spectator the eight, and you’ll win again.

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    Mix the Cards and Deal Again

    Shuffling cards
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    You can repeat the second step to win a third time, but it’s more fun to let the spectator mix the cards. After the spectator mixes the cards, ask him to spread the cards on the table. You can tell him that you want to make sure that there are only ten cards, but what you are really doing is noting the location of the eight (odd) card.

    If the card is in an even location, you can allow the spectator to gather the cards and deal them and you’ll win. If the card is in an odd location, you’ll have to gather the cards in order and deal once again. Either way, the ending is strong.

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