Tempting Ice Cream Needlepoint Patterns

4 Patterns Just Waiting to Be Stitched

There’s nothing as delicious as eating ice cream after a satisfying meal. Whether it’s dinner time or you just want a frozen snack, these four needlepoint designs will have you craving a scoop of the delicious treat each time you pick up needle and canvas.

Choose from three yummy needlepoint ice cream cones in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and other exciting colors; or stitch a glass of root beer topped with a scoop of vanilla to make a deliciously cool and refreshing needlepoint ice cream soda.

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    Soft-Serve Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Needlepoint Project

    chocolate ice cream cone needlepoint chart
    Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    Let this simple ice cream cone needlepoint chart take you beyond the basics to Indulge your creative spark. The soft-serve chocolate ice cream cone design is perfect for specialty needlepoint stitches.

    For beginners or experienced stitchers who prefer to work needlepoint exactly the way they learned it by making only basic tent stitches, this project can accommodate that desire as well.

    You can use this needlepoint pattern in these ways:

    • Use larger mesh needlepoint or Quickpoint canvas to stitch a chocolate ice cream cone needlepoint purse.
    • Stitch a clothing patch and turn the finished needlepoint into quirky handmade items for your family and friends. A large needlepoint chocolate ice cream cone motif decorating the back of a jeans jacket or the pocket of a pair of shorts is sure to be a hit!
    • Embellish the completed needlepoint with fringe, ribbons or sequins to make unique as well as whimsical decorations for more fashion accessories like eyeglass and pencil cases as well as a variety of home decor items.
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    Root Beer Ice Cream Soda Needlepoint Chart

    ice cream soda day needlepoint chart
    Ice Cream Soda Day Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    Make a frosty root beer ice cream soda topped with a scoop of your favorite flavor and sip it while stitching this cool needlepoint design. Work this project on-the-go, in spare moments when you have some downtime, or while watching TV.

    The super easy needlepoint project is less than 4 inches wide and 6 inches high; and depending on the stitches you use, you can even put your mind on auto-pilot for a few moments to de-stress as you work the larger areas of the glass and the frosty root beer within it.


    • Although the root beer motif can be worked in a single color, you may want to add lighter shades for highlights as well as darker ones for accent.
    • Create excitement and interest by experimenting with textured or novelty threads along with trims and embellishments to make the root beer float look realistic.

    Above all, you should indulge your own stitching taste and work the root beer ice cream soda needlepoint project as elaborate or simple as you like.

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    Quirky Colorful Ice Cream Cone Needlepoint Pattern

    Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Needlepoint Chart
    National Ice Cream Month Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    Long stitches worked in a flame-type pattern diagonally stepping down the canvas with whimsical colors of red, white and blue and a traditional cake ice cream cone base are what's needed for a stunning display of the yummy frozen treat.

    The small needlepoint design can be completed in one evening tops and is easily adapted to fit any size project that strikes your fancy.

    Cotton embroidery floss should be used if the final needlework is turned into an item that may require constant cleaning. Silk and silk-blends will make the ice cream shine; but should be reserved for items that will be framed or mounted.

    To prevent the canvas from getting out of shape and to keep stitches perfectly aligned, it is best to work on a frame or stretcher bars. The frame can be placed in a floor stand to make it more comfortable to stitch.

    Needlepoint mounted on stretcher bars can be clamped to a table or held securely with a weight on one end, which allows the other end to be free for easy two-handed stitching. In both cases, the needlework can be adjusted as needed to work the design.

    For such a small project, if you work without a frame, you'll have to stick with just basic needlepoint stitches that only need to be worked with one-hand. Most decorative stitches require both hands to be free to work them properly; and some need the canvas to be taut and stretched as tightly as possible to achieve the professional effect you desire. The bottom line is—use a frame.

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    Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone Needlepoint Design

    Ice Cream Cone Needlepoint Chart
    Ice Cream Cone Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    By now, you should be comfortable with stitching ice cream cones. This traditional Neapolitan or vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cone needlepoint design should be loads of fun.

    Here's where you should definitely experiment with needlepoint stitches you've been dying to use--even quirky ones that are embellished with gold and silver threads to make the ice cream cone look stylistic or abstract instead of traditional.

    Try different colors and combinations of colors until you have the color scheme you want to use.

    If you decide to work without a frame for this needlepoint project, keep the canvas from distorting by stitching in the center and then working your way outward in each direct a bit at a time. As you work, do not pull your stitches tightly or you will have puckers that may not straighten out during blocking and finishing.

    Save the background for last; so that you can choose one that really complements your newly stitched fancy ice cream cone.