Teacup Trio Embroidery Pattern

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    Stitch Your Own Teacup Collection

    Teacup embroidery patterns
    Mollie Johanson

    Do you enjoy a cup of tea now and then? Then ring the bell for tea as you prepare to stitch a little collection of free teacup embroidery patterns. They make charming Mother's Day gifts, but also make for fun decor for your favorite spot to enjoy a spot of tea.

    If you love shows like Downton Abbey or look for every opportunity for tea time, these patterns will supplement your next afternoon or high tea.

    Plus, a teacup collection is always a delight to look over, and these embroidery designs are inspired by actual cups. If you're feeling adventurous, use the outer shapes of these patterns and create your decorations based on the teacups you love.

    Each teacup will fit within a small hoop, which means you can frame them in separate hoops and display them as a grouping.

    They would also look adorable stitched on a tea towel or used to create a tea cozy or mug rug. Or, stitch them up as little ornaments!

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    Teacup Trio Hand Embroidery Pattern

    Teacups embroidery pattern
    Mollie Johanson

    Pattern Transfer & Preparation

    Download the JPG teacup embroidery pattern and print it out to fit on a standard piece of paper. At this size, each teacup will fit within a 4-inch embroidery hoop. If you wish to stitch all three cups in a row, you will need to work in a 10-inch hoop or use another type of embroidery frame.

    Trace the patterns onto linen or another fabric using your favorite transfer method. To capture the details without worrying about tracing, try printing the pattern onto water-soluble stabilizer.

    Place the prepared fabric into a hoop and get ready to stitch. Be sure to start your thread securely, avoiding a knot if possible.

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    Teacup Pattern Color and Stitch Guide

    Teacup embroidery color and stitch guide
    Mollie Johanson


    Choose any colors that you like for this project, as teacups come in so many colors and styles. You might even want to look at teacup collections for some inspiration. 

    If you want to match the colors shown, use DMC 726, 989, 993, 793, 3832 and 3326.

    These patterns would also look great in redwork, whether in all red or a different color. 

    Stitches & Strands

    As always, give yourself the freedom to use the stitches you're most comfortable with or those that will challenge yourself. 

    For the main teacup outlines, use stem stitch. Use either french knots or colonial knots for all of the dots.

    On horizontal decorative lines, use chain stitch to give the pattern a bit of contrast. For all other decorative lines, including the large flower, use back stitch.

    For the small flowers, use detached chain stitch. Notice that on the center teacup, the stitches don't meet in the center to make a teardrop shape. Instead, they are left open to create a different petal shape.

    When using the pattern at full size, it's best to work with 3 strands of floss. If you alter the size, you may also want to adjust the number of strands you use.