Teacher Gifts

Free Patterns and Ideas for Crocheting Gifts for Teachers

Here is a selection of free crochet patterns for making homemade teacher gifts. Gift ideas for teacher include crocheted bookmarks and various crochet patterns with apple motifs. If you'd like to crochet a birthday gift, Christmas gift or holiday gift for your child's teacher, or for any teacher, check out these free crochet patterns for some great gift ideas.

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    Apple Patterns

    Afghan Stitch Purse With Beaded Crochet Apple Motif
    Afghan Stitch Purse With Beaded Crochet Apple Motif. An Apple Purse for the Teacher - Photo © 2009 Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

    Here's a new twist on the ever-popular "apple for the teacher" gift theme - a crocheted purse with a beaded apple motif.​

    This bag combines two popular crochet techniques - Tunisian crochet and beaded crochet. To put the finishing touches on the apple, you also get to try a bit of cross stitch. Tunisian crochet offers a unique surface for working cross stitch designs.

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    Bookmark. Image Source/Getty Images

    Crocheted bookmarks make thoughtful teacher gifts. A teacher can never have too many bookmarks!

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    Crocheted Accessories

    Crochet Scarf. Darlene/Flicker

    If you know the intended gift recipient well enough to make a gift that suits his or her sense of style, these accessory patterns offer many different choices -- from ​hats to ​socks.

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    Free Crochet Patterns for a Variety of Christmas Items

    Christmas Flower Necklace
    Christmas Flower Necklace. Find Free Christmas Patterns for Making Homemade Holiday Gifts - Photo © 2009 Amy Solovay.

    If you need a Christmas gift for a teacher on your gift list, these Christmas patterns are all good choices. The gifts on the list are all reasonably affordable, and most are quick to make.