Teabag Wallet Patterns

tea bag stacks

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Gift ideas can be difficult to come up with but these tea bag wallets can be used for more than tea bags and are absolutely perfect for someone who is often out and about, and unable to have their favorite tea to drink. Stock the wallet with their favorite tea, sugar and creamer packets or just hand over the wallet when they are hitting the road again.

Some of these tutorials can be hand sewn and all of them are simple straight sewing so they are a great project for beginners. Follow these links if you need assistance getting started or teaching someone to sew these tea bag wallets.

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    Tea Wallet Tutorial - Homemade Therapy

    This tutorial is loaded with step by step photos so even a beginner can follow along. This simple project also only requires straight stitching so a sewing machine or sewing by hand can get the job done!

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    Tri-fold Tea Wallet Tutorial

    This fast loading PDF tutorial guides you through every step of sewing a tea wallet that will hold six teabags. The author uses a snap to keep it closed but you can easily use a button and buttonhole of a snap does not appeal to your tastes.

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    Making a Tea Bag Wallet

    This simple to sew wallet holds eight tea bags which makes it perfect for long trips or someone who forgets to refresh their traveling supply. Text a bit down the page describes exactly how to make this teabag wallet!

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    Tea Bag Wallet

    This basic tea wallet does not have all the folding and closures that many of them have and may be perfect for what you want. Many people have seen other uses, beyond teabags, for this tea wallet.

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    Dandi Tea Bag Wallet – Tutorial

    This tea bag wallet is simple and adorable. Step-by-step instructions are included to sew this tea wallet that will hold three teabags.

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    Tea Wallet -- A Photo Tutorial

    This simple tea wallet may be a project that the kids can tackle making for grandmothers, teachers, and friends. Stocked with sugar and tea makes it ready to go when the recipient needs that pick me up.

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    Tea Bag or Coupon Wallet Tutorial

    This unique tutorial uses recycled wool felt and hand sewing. A great on-the-go type of project to make and a great gift for someone who loves and knows the value of those hand sewn stitches!

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    Tea Bag Wallet Tutorial

    This simple to sew tea bag wallet holds six tea bags and ties shut. Photos are bountiful so it is easy to follow this tutorial and have results that will please you and anyone you make this tea bag wallet for as a gift.