Superduo Suppliers

Superduo beads. © Chris Franchetti Michaels

Superduos are a relatively new line of two-hole beads made in the Czech Republic. They can be tricky to find, so I've put together the following list of known online suppliers.

If you'd like to suggest another supplier for the list, please contact me. Also, please note that I haven't personally ordered from all of these sources yet. Feel free to contact me with your experiences with them.

Note: All two-hole, oval beads are not the same.

I've been informed that "knockoff" Superduos, which do not have the correct size or shape, can be found on the market. To learn what a Superduo should look like, please see the photo in my article comparing Superduos with Twin beads (Twins are different but similar two-hole beads, not knockoffs).

  • All Beads Cz is the primary supplier of Superduos. They sell both wholesale and retail; however, because everything ships from the Czech Republic, most of us need to pay quite a bit extra for shipping.
  • (Starman), a U.S. based wholesale supplier, is now stocking their own unique line of Superduo colors and finishes. When I last updated this list, was still working on getting the beads onto their website. In the meantime, you can send an email to "" to request information or place an order.
  • Glass Kingdom (Matura Beads) are Superduos manufacturers. You can order Superduos retail or wholesale directly from them, with shipping from the Czech Republic. Their website lists prices in both U.S. dollars and Euros.
  • The Beadsmith (Helby Import Co.) is an authorized wholesale distributor of Superduos in the United States.
  • Whimbeads stocks a nice selection of colors.
  • Sparkle Spot stocks some gorgeous colors, including the Picasso mix and the ever-popular popular turquoises.
  • bead stalkers is a relatively new online shop (it opened in March 2012). Their inventory is shaping up to be quite interesting.
  • Glass Kingdom is an shop that carries some interesting colors.
  • yashmacreations is a U.K. based Etsy shop carrying Superduos.
  • Need for Beads carries quite a few Superduos. They're listed on the same page as their Twins (scroll down on that page to see them.)
  • Knot Just Beads, a Wisconsin bead vendor that exhibits at the large bead shows, carries a nice selection at reasonable prices.