15 Super Simple Pumpkin Crafts

Female hands with black nails painting pumpkins for halloween
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There are hundreds of pumpkin crafts on the internet, but many of the projects for kids look very kiddish. These ideas are cute, but will you want to display them in your house once your child hits grade school? In most cases, pumpkin projects for adults can be more rewarding for the entire family to complete. 

We believe that with the right attitude, you can tackle pumpkin crafts with your kids where the result looks more like a piece of timeless home decor as opposed to a school project. Each pumpkin project can be modified based on your skill level and the attention span of your children. Task your child with simple aspects of the project, and you'll both feel accomplished with the final product. 

Don't have children? Not a problem. You'll find several pumpkin craft ideas that are perfect for you, too. 

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    Cut Out Some Paper Pumpkins

    pumpkin craft idea
    Lia Griffith

    Paper projects are great for kids, but a construction paper pumpkin can end up looking a tad unsightly. This paper pumpkin from Lia Griffith is easy to make and the result looks like something a designer thought up. If you're feeling crafty, head on over to the step by step tutorial for expert guidance. 

    DIY Paper Pumpkin from Lia Griffith

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    Paint a Pumpkin Rock

    painted rock pumpkin
    By Stephanie Lynn

    Painting rocks is a popular pastime and is fun for the whole family. These pumpkin rocks from By Stephanie Lynn are incredibly simple but look great, too. Gather up some basic painting supplies and then head on over to the tutorial to get started. Once your finished, hide some of your rocks at parks and playgrounds for other people to find. 

    Painted Rock Pumpkins from By Stephanie Lynn

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    Practice Your Needlework with This Pumpkin Project

    pumpkin embroidery
    Mollie Johanson

    Embroidery projects are regaining popularity in the crafting world. If you like to embroider, check out this abstract pumpkin pattern that uses three colors of floss. Once you print out the pattern and get the hang of it, you'll be able to complete this pumpkin in less than a day. 

    Pretty Pumpkin Embroidery Pattern from The Spruce

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    Add a Non Traditional Element to a Pumpkin

    non traditional pumpkin craft
    Persia Lou

    If you aren't a fan of the traditional fall color scheme, opt for a pumpkin project that is more eclectic. This wooded pumpkin draws elements from bohemian and rustic design and is easy enough for a beginner to complete.  

    Embroidery Inspired Pumpkin from Persia Lou

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    Turn Toilet Paper into a Pumpkin

    fabric pumpkins
    It's Always Autumn

    If you have extra toilet paper rolls around the house, grab one and then tackle this pumpkin project from It's Always Autumn. The toilet paper roll is the perfect filler for these fabric pumpkins so there is minimal guesswork.  

    Plaid Toilet Paper Pumpkins from It's Always Autumn

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    Transform Felt into a Festive Banner

    pumpkin banner
    Polkadot Chair

    Do you remember making felt banners in school? Felt is the perfect material for beginners and children to work with because it's soft and forgiving. If you want your banner to look more artistic, follow along with this tutorial from Polkadot Chair.  

    Wool Felt Pumpkin Banner from Polkadot Chair

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    Craft 3D Pumpkin Wall Art

    pumpkin wall art
    Damask Love

    There is regular wall art and then there is wall art that pops out at you. If you want to add more of the latter to your home, learn how to make these 3D pumpkin frames from Damask Love. 

    DIY Paper Pumpkin Wall Art from Damask Love

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    Learn How to Paint a Pumpkin

    pumpkin painting tutorial
    Delineate Your Dwelling

    You might think you know how to paint or draw a pumpkin until you try and it ends up looking more like a squash. This tutorial from Delineate Your Dwelling is easy to follow and breaks down the steps so even a beginner can paint a pumpkin that looks like a pumpkin.  

    Draw and Paint a Colorful Pumpkin from Delineate Your Dwelling

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    Repurpose an Oil Can into a Pumpkin

    pumpkin photo holder
    House of Hawthornes

    There are so many crafts out there that involve repurposing something. These crafts are fun because you can get creative with unexpected items, and you're forced to think outside the box. This idea from House of Hawthornes is ingenious. If you want to completely transform an oil can into a pumpkin too, read their post for more insight. 

    Repurposed Oil Can Pumpkin Photo Holder from House of Hawthornes 

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    Write on a Chalkboard Pumpkin

    pumpkin chalkboard
    A Beautiful Mess

    Creating a chalkboard pumpkin will help you do two things. First, you'll be adding a piece of seasonal decor to your home. Second, the chalkboard can help your family become more organized. For more information on how to complete this project, head on over to A Beautiful Mess.  

    Pumpkin Chalkboard from A Beautiful Mess

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    Print Off Some Pumpkins

    pumpkin decor
    Homey Oh My

    The awesome thing about these paper pumpkins is that you can print the template out and simply cut the paper and put the pumpkins together. Make sure you use a thick enough cardstock so that the final product isn't flimsy.  

    Printable Modern 3D Paper Pumpkins from Homey Oh My

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    Sew a Pillow Pumpkin

    pumpkin pillow
    Mollie Johanson

    If you like to sew, check out this pumpkin pillow pattern. The project can be customized to make various sized pillows. Don't feel like you have to use traditional pumpkin colors like orange and green. White and neutral fabrics will look great, too. 

    Pumpkin Pillow Pattern from The Spruce

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    Add Some Flowers to a Pumpkin

    pumpkin with flowers
    The Merry Thought

    There are hundreds if not thousands of no-carve pumpkin ideas out there. However, this idea is fun for florist crafters to tackle because you're transforming the pumpkin into a decorative fall flower arrangement. If you like this crescent moonflower pumpkin, visit The Merry Thought for more details.  

    DIY Floral Pumpkin from The Merry Thought

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    Set a Pumpkin in Concrete

    concrete pumpkin
    Cherished Bliss

    These pumpkins are solid, sleek, and will last several decades. If your aesthetic is minimal and modern, you don't have to forgo seasonal decorations. Instead, opt for pieces that are simple and use modern materials like concrete. Head on over to Cherished Bliss to learn how to make your own concrete pumpkins. 

    How to Make DIY Concrete Pumpkins from Cherished Bliss

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    Create Pumpkin Button Art

    pumpkin embroidery
    Taryn Whiteaker

    If you're new to embroidery, one way to get started is to pick a very simple pattern. This pumpkin pattern is beginner-friendly and the buttons are incredibly easy to sew onto the fabric. Don't worry if your end result looks different than what you see here. As long as the piece looks like a pumpkin, you're on the right track.  

    Pumpkin Embroidery Hoop Art from Taryn Whiteaker