Super Easy Origami Plane

Boy (4-6) throwing paper aeroplane, outdoors, rear view
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    Super Easy Origami Paper Plane Instructions

    Super Easy Origami Paper Plane Diagram

    Learn how to fold the simplest paper plane ever, this is a great activity for kids and is super easy to remember with this diagram. Have a paper plane race with your friends!​

    This is a great activity at a kid's party, it is such a simple model, they will be able to learn them and then have a paper plane flying contest to see whose flies the furthest!

    You can even make the activity last longer by painting or drawing designs onto the paper plane!

    You will need one sheet of paper for this origami plane, you can use square paper or rectangular paper too.

    For another easy to fold (and quirky) origami paper plane, try the loopy origami paper plane.

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    Step 1

    easy origami aeroplane diagram 1

    If you are using rectangular paper, start with the long edges at the left and right.

    To start with, fold the right edge of the paper to the left and then unfold.

    This gives you the central crease.

    Next, fold the top left and top right corners in to meet the central crease.

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    Step 2

    easy origami aeroplane diagram 2

    The next step is to fold the paper in half again, so fold the right edge over to the left.

    Next, leaving a gap of about 2 cm, fold the top layer back over to the right.

    You can experiment with this gap, to see what size gives the best result for flying. You can also experiment with a slight angle of this crease, making the tip of the plane thinner or thicker.

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    Step 3

    easy origami aeroplane diagram 3

    Now the paper looks like this, flip the paper to the other side, left to right.

    Now, fold the right edge to meet the left edge.

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    Step 4

    easy origami aeroplane diagram 4

    Now you can open the front and back flaps to create the paper plane. 

    To make the plane fly even better you can fold the edges of the wings upwards.

    Experiment with these last flaps, depending on the thickness of your paper, you will find that folding these more or less gives you different flying results!

    Now your plane is complete, why not see who's travels the furthest!