8 Super Cute Ice Cream Crafts

Printable Ice Cream Garland

hello, Wonderful

Whether it's summertime or the middle of winter, no one can resist these adorable kid-friendly ice cream crafts. Let your kids get creative and make their favorite flavors. And since most of these projects are a cinch to make, they're perfect for preschoolers with short attention spans.

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    Giant Ice Cream Cone

    Giant Ice Cream Cone Craft
    Make and Takes

    Paper plates, card stock, and pom-poms are about all you need to get started on this ice cream cone craft. Not only is this project adorable, it's huge. The size makes it great for hanging on a door or playroom wall.

    Giant Ice Cream Cone Craft by Make and Takes

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    Origami Ice Cream Cone

    Dana Hinders / The Spruce

    This origami craft is super easy to fold, making it perfect for introducing kids to the art of origami. Once they've finished the folding, offer a variety of embellishments––because no kid wants plain ice cream!

    Origami Ice Cream Cone by The Spruce

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    Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone

    Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone Craft
    Crafty Morning

    What's your favorite ice cream flavor? If it's mint chip, then you'll love this puffy paint ice cream craft from Crafty Morning. It looks good enough to eat!

    Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone Craft by Crafty Morning

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    Recycled CD Ice Cream Cone

    Recycled CD Ice Cream Kid Craft
    Make and Takes

    Use a couple of those old CDs that are lying around your home to make this adorable ice cream craft for kids. Cover the CDs with tissue paper and some glitter to make different flavors and colors.

    Recycled CD Ice Cream Kid Craft by Make and Takes

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    Printable Ice Cream Garland

    Printable Ice Cream Garland
    hello, Wonderful

    Print out this completely free ice cream printable from Hello Wonderful, then punch holes in the ice cream cones and thread yarn through them to make an amazing garland. This is perfect for birthday party decor!

    Printable Ice Cream Garland by Hello Wonderful

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    Ice Cream Math for Kids

    Ice Cream Math for Kids

    Help your kids practice their addition and subtraction skills this summer with an educational and entertaining ice cream math activity. 

    Ice Cream Math for Kids by FUN-A-DAY

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    Cupcake Liner Ice Cream

    Cupcake Liner Ice Cream
    Glued To My Crafts Blog

    Find different colored cupcake liners to be used for this ice cream craft from Glued To My Crafts Blog. It's super easy for kids of all ages to make. Use this method to create colorful DIY birthday cards for your kids' friends.

    Cupcake Liner Ice Cream by Glued To My Crafts Blog

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    Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones

    Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones
    In The Playroom

    We love the creativity of this ice cream cone craft. In The Playroom shows us how to turn old egg cartons into pretty and colorful ice cream cones. Pop them in the pretend freezer in your kids' play kitchen for a cool imaginary treat.

    Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones by In The Playroom