Sunshine Crafts to Brighten Up Summer

sunshine crafts
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    Brighten Up Your Summer

    sunshine crafts
    Lumina / Stocksy United

    One of the best things about summer is that big bright sun that comes out and shines all day long! There is nothing better than a day spent under the sun. Bring the sun inside and make these sunshine crafts with your kids. These crafts will surely brighten everyone's day!

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    Sunny Monoprints

    Welcome summer in your home with this sunny monoprint craft. Kids will love crafting this activity outdoors in the backyard. Hang these in your home or in a banner under the trees all summer long. 

    Sunny Monoprints from Make and Takes

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    Homemade Sun Dial

    Kids can make their own homemade sun dial to tell what time of day it is. This is an easy and educational project.

    Homemade Sun Dial from Kids Play Box

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    You Are My Sunshine Card

    Let someone know how special they are with this crafty sunshine card. Use dry noodles to complete this project.

    “You Are My Sunshine” Card from Crafty Morning

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    Sun Weaving

    Kids can practice their weaving skills with this sunshine craft. Easy, fun, and super cute!

    Sun Weaving from NutureStore

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    Sunshine in a Glass

    Blend up this creamy and tropical smoothie for a refreshing summer drink. Make these with the kids to help cool off on a hot summer’s day. 

    Sunshine in a Glass from Make and Takes

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    Sunshine in a Jar

    Send a loved one a little sunshine in a jar with this DIY gift idea, it will brighten their day. Fill a jar with all things yellow and bright!

    Sunshine in a Jar from The 36th AVENUE