10 Sunflower Crafts for Kids to Create

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    Sunflower Crafts for a Sunny Afternoon

    Sunflowers commonly bloom during summer and a portion of fall with the middle of summer being the peak season. Sunflowers are known for the way the blooms, or flower heads, turn to face the sun throughout the day. They are bright, beautiful, and can bring a smile to a person's face.

    There are a number of inventive sunflower crafts for you and your kids to create. Some require paint, others require glue, a few household ingredients that you can usually find around the house round out the materials that you will need. These crafts are great for a lazy summer afternoon. Some of these crafts are even suitable for children as young as 1.

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    Noodle Sunflowers

    Grab some rotini pasta noodles, some green pipe cleaners, and yellow paint to craft these cute sunflowers. This noodle sunflower craft offered by Crafty Morning makes for some great summer greeting cards.

    Noodle Sunflowers from Crafty Morning

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    Giant Sunflower

    Recycle an empty oatmeal container to make one giant sunflower by Inner Child Fun. This is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face when it is done.

    Giant Sunflower from Inner Child Fun

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    Tissue Paper Sunflower

    Tissue sunflower
    Marie LeBaron

    Kids will love this cute and colorful sunflower craft that uses tissue paper for texture by The Spruce. All you need are a few markers and glue. To get a little more creative, you can use patterned papers.

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    Sunflower Cookies

    Spell out summer with these deliciously adorable sunflower cookies with a recipe from Make and Takes. Your kids will love making and decorating these cookies. Ingredients include sugar cookies, frosting, candy corn, and chocolate chips.

    Sunflower Cookies from Make and Takes

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    Sunflower Napkin Ring

    Make pretty sunflower napkin rings for your summer table with instructions by She Knows. This is a simple and easy craft for all ages requiring silk sunflowers and green pipe cleaners.

    Sunflower Napkin Ring from She Knows

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    Coffee Filter Sunflowers

    These sunflowers from The Imagination Tree are bright, cheerful, and super fun to craft for toddlers to school-age kids. You will need coffee filters, sequins, and green card stock. These giant sunflowers will cheer up any household with their bright colors.

    Coffee Filter Sunflowers from The Imagination Tree 

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    Paper Plate Sunflower

    This is the easiest craft for little hands to complete. This craft will require a paper plate, tissue paper, glue, and sunflower seeds, which will be glued in the middle of the paper sunflower.

    Paper Plate Sunflower from Glued to My Crafts

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    Simple Fork Sunflower

    Who knew a fork could be used for painting? Teach children a fun painting technique using kitchen utensils to make bright sunflowers with this idea by Crafty Morning.

    Simple Fork Sunflower from Crafty Morning

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    Popsicle Stick Sunflower

    Plant these popsicle stick sunflowers in pots to brighten up your home for summer. Even black thumbs will love these plants since you will never need to water them, worry about the temperature, or the proper sun exposure. 

    Popsicle Stick Sunflowers from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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    Sunflower Peep Cake

    This sunflower peep cake can be done in about 15 minutes. It is so yummy, too. The yellow peeps and chocolate chip combination make it look just like a big sunflower.

    Sunflower Peep Cake from Spend With Pennies