15 DIY Summer Wreaths to Brighten Your Home

Summery wreath used as decor

Micheile Henderson / Unsplash

Do you like to craft a wreath for every season? Each season has different motifs, colors, and themes. Winter wreaths are often inspired by snow or the holidays. Fall wreaths have the rich jewel tones of falling leaves. Spring wreaths are soft and filled with springtime flowers.

Summer might be the one season where the theme isn't as obvious or straightforward. It could be that there are so many themes to choose from because people's summer vacations are varied and unique.

Pick a summer wreath that speaks to what you like to do. For instance, a pool party-themed wreath would be perfect for families with a backyard pool. And a seashell wreath would be ideal for those who spend their weekends at the beach.

Here are 15 DIY summer wreath tutorials to inspire the start of your summer decor.


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