8 Summertime Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Summer is right around the corner. It is time to kick back and relax. Grab a glass of nice cool ice tea, sit back in your favorite lounge chair and stitch up one of these fun summer time related cross stitch patterns. Don't forget your sunscreen!  

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    Beach Bound

     When you think of summer, do you think of the beach? Toes in the sand, waves crashing up, the boardwalk. Can smell the salt water right now?  Posy Collection has a series of Beach Cross Stitch patterns that will remind you to head to the ocean and escape that rat race. Stitch up Beaches/Rat Race as a reminder to break out occasionally.  

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    Lovely Garden

     While some of us love the beach and ocean, other want to spend their summer time in the garden. Summer is perfect time to showcase your garden and flowers for the world to see. This Summer Floral Display by Cathy at Arts and Design shows off the flowers that make summer time bright and sunny. This would be a great project for a backyard masterpiece or in a garden potting shed. 

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    Summer Sparkler

    Fireworks are a huge part of summer time. Who remembers having a picnic during the day and watching the fireworks show at night? Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery shares their pattern for a Summer Time Sparkler that is not only super cute but can be paired with other seasonal patterns for a sampler.  

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    Sweet Treat

    Bracelet Book

    Who doesn't love a sweet cold treat on a hot sunny day? Remember the ice cream man and that horrible song playing. You know you chased him down the street until he stopped and you got the rainbow popsicle, not because it was the best but because of the colors.  You can relive those childhood days by stitching up this Happy Popsicle pattern by Bracelet Book.com. Even though this is meant for a bracelet pattern, it is perfect for cross stitch. 

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    Get Lost

    Alita Design

    Summertime is the perfect time to get lost. Find a path and discover some place  new. Alita Designs shares your love for summer adventure with her free pattern. This is just one of many freebies that she overs on her website. 

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    Summer Treat

    The food fo summer is definitely a watermelon. It is a tasty treat that can just be cut up and served. If you want to have a little entertainment with your dining, have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Sure, it is a little gross, but it's lots of fun! Val's Nimble Needles offers this pattern for free on her website. It is a great pattern for beginners. It would look great in a kitchen in a summer cabin.

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    123 cross stitch

    Summer time means fun time! Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and most of all, it is a time for vacation! 123 Cross Stitch celebrates those three months of summer with this for purchase pattern from Imaginating. This pattern is part of a series that can be showcased all year long. 

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    Summer Girl

    Snow Flower Diaries

    Snow Flower Diaries is well known for their sweet and whimsical patterns. This little girl celebrates summer with her bird friend who has just caught them dinner. This pattern is on their website for free. She offers many patterns for every season that are both for purchase and for free. There is also a year long stitch along that can be done as a sampler or individual pieces. 

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

Summer time is fun time! No need to stay indoors and stitch. Find a place of your own and enjoy the scenery while stitching the lazy day away. Pure summer bliss!