20 Fun Summer Crafts to Try This Year

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    Our Favorite Seasonal Crafts

    Fun, colorful, and cool, these crafts were made for the lazy, hazy days of summer! From seasonal accessories to outdoor games, fill your time with crafts and DIYs to enjoy all summer long.

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    Watermelon Mason Jars

    watermelon mason jar
    Caylin Harris / The Spruce

    Are you hosting a barbecue or backyard get-together for your friends? Serve them drinks in these cute watermelon mason jars. A little bit of spray paint and these jars make lovely drink holders that will complement any summer party décor.

    DIY Watermelon Mason Jars from The Spruce

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    Decorate Your Summer Purse

    Rattan or bamboo purses make for the perfect fashion accessory in the summer months. Add a splash of color to your purse with bright tassels—a cute and straightforward way to upgrade your summer purses without breaking the bank.

    How to Make Tassels for Your Summer Purse from Blissmakes

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    Printable Ice Cream Cone Invitations

    This summer, why not host an ice cream party for your friends? Everyone likes ice cream, and it's the perfect excuse to get together with your buddies! Print the party details on the paper ice cream scoops, and include a real ice cream spoon with the invitation. How charming!

    Printable Ice Cream Cone Invitations from Design Eat Repeat

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    Paper Fans

    Help beat the summer heat with these super cute printable paper fans. All you have to do is print, fold, and paste. You'll love the whimsy of these fans and these paper cuties will be keeping you fresh on those hot summer days.

    Summer Paper Fans from Mr. Printables

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    Watermelon Paper Fans

    Not a fan of the last craft? These watermelon fans are a great alternative. Throw a watermelon themed bash and hand these out to all your party guests so they can stay cool.

    DIY Paper Melon Fans from Red Ted Art

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    Badminton Birdie Flowers

    Badminton birdie flowers are a fantastic craft project that children will love. Kids between the ages of 8 to 12 should be able to construct the badminton flowers without much supervision. Younger ones might need a little help from an adult. Shuttlecocks usually are sold in packages of 6 or 12 and are quite inexpensive. Make some of these flowers as a gift for Mom.

    Badminton Birdie Flowers from Handmade Charlotte

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    Color Block Serving Tray

    color block serving tray

    Put your stamp onto an inexpensive wooden serving tray from your local discount store. Choose some craft paints in summer colors and paint "blocks" onto the bottom surface of the serving tray. You will have an instant upgrade that looks like it came from an expensive home decor store. These trays are so pretty, you might want to make several as gifts for your friends.

    DIY Color Block Serving Tray from Blissmakes


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    Ice Cream Cones With a Surprise Inside

    I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! These cones are made from paper and filled with candy and little gifts, making the best summer party favors. Fill the paper ice cream cones with treats but keep it a surprise—let your kids or party guests figure it out themselves! The discovery of hidden treats will add to the fun.

    Ice Cream Cone Surprise Ball DIY from Oh Happy Day!

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    Terrazzo Inspired Mug Makeover

    Make an ordinary white ceramic mug festive with glass paint markers. The author of this tutorial decided to decorate the cup with geometric and triangle shapes, but you could use any design of your choice and still get excellent results. As a bonus to this craft tutorial, you will learn how to decorate wooden rounds that can be used as coasters.

    DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Delicious and DIY

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    Pretty Paper Daisy Straw Decorations

    Give your kids a thrill this summer vacation and decorate their drinks with cute paper daisy drinking straw charms. Print the flowers on heavy cardstock, cut with craft scissors, and punch a center hole. Write the kids' names on the flowers with a marker, so everyone will know which drink is theirs. So easy and so much fun! Decorated straws are perfect for kid parties or everyday use.

     Free Printable Flower & DIY Daisy Straw Tutorial from Love the Day

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    Watermelon Rice Krispies Treats

    Turn regular Rice Krispie treats into something extraordinary this summer. The treats are transformed into "watermelon slices" with the help of gel food coloring and chocolate chips. This watermelon Rice Krispie treat dessert would be perfect for your next backyard family party. They are easy to make and always a hit with the kids.

    Watermelon Rice Krispies Treats from Crayons and Cravings

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    Printable Summer Tattoos

    Printable temporary tattoos are one fun summer craft that let you channel your inner bad boy or girl. Print out the temporary summer-themed tattoos and decorate your arms and legs. Children and adults alike will love them. The tattoos include a flamingo, a rainbow, a lobster, watermelon, candy, and an ice creme cone. There is something for everyone.

    Printable Summer Tattoos from A Subtle Revelry

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    Pressed and Framed Flowers

    child holding pressed flowers in frame
    Lily Ardor

    Pressed flowers are making a comeback. This tutorial will show you a trick to drying flowers without losing their brilliant colors—you won't believe how it's done.

    Pressed Flowers from Lily Ardor

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    DIY Confetti Candy Bowls

    Make your outdoor parties festive and unique with this papercraft. Buy some simple white bowls at the dollar store, and then give them an upscale look with tissue paper circles and some Mod Podge.

    Although the dishes are not washable, they are cheap to make and perfect for a summertime get-together. After the party is over, merely throw the bowls out, or if they are still clean, wipe with a damp paper towel and repurpose them. They make great storage for all the little odds and ends you have around the house.

    DIY Confetti Candy Bowls from Tell Love and Party

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    Homemade Twister Game

    Playing Twister is a part of most people's childhood recollections. You can make an inexpensive DIY version of the game and introduce your children to this fun activity. Become a kid again and make some family memories with your children as you play this classic game.

    Homemade Backyard Bubble Wrap Twister Game DIY from Chica Circle


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    DIY Happy Cactus Paper Plants

    These happy paper cactus plants are so easy to make, your children can join in on the fun. Use these sweet paper succulents as party decor the next time you throw a cookout. So cute!

     DIY Happy Cactus Paper Plants from Hello Wonderful

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    Felt Emoji Clutch

    Add some summer fun to your clutch purses with cute felt emoji shapes. What a sweet and playful way to show off your artistic side! All of the supplies for this project can be found at the dollar store. At these prices, you can make several to coordinate with all of your outfits.

    DIY Felt Emoji Clutch from PMQ for Two

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    DIY Palm Leaf Room Decor

    We all love home decor projects that are inexpensive! Give your room that tropical feel with palm leaf wall art. The example is made from gold paper, but you could also use a dark green colored paper to achieve an organic look. Either way, this project is simple, inexpensive, and will bring a taste of summer vacation to your home decor.

    DIY Palm Leaf Room Decor from The Spruce

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    Summer Tote With Glitter Iron-On

    DIY Tote Bag With Striped Pockets
    Mollie Johanson / The Spruce

    This summer, pack a cute and colorful bag with beach gear or picnic supplies. Take an ordinary tote bag and make it special with your artistic touches. Now you are ready to go to the beach in style.

    Striped Tote With Pockets from The Spruce


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    Star Wars Wind Chimes

    The sound of wind chimes is a sure sign of beautiful weather. Are you a Star Wars fan? Now you can have DIY wind chimes that are similar to the wind chimes in Jabba the Hut's palace! You will be the envy of all your friends. Although the wind chime looks as if it's made of metal, it's constructed from PVC pipes.

    Jabba the Hut Windchimes from Our NERD Home