16 Stylish DIY Bar Carts

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    Serve Up Cocktails on a Custom Cart

    Bar carts are not only a useful piece of furniture for storing your cocktail essentials, they have become a trendy statement piece in home decor. No matter your decorating style, one of these DIY bar carts is sure to look perfect in your home – not to mention, your next gathering or party.

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    DIY Suitcase Bar Cart

    Next time you visit a thrift store or garage sale, pick up an old suitcase and TV tray table. These are the supplies you'll need to create a super quick, temporary bar cart. If you have a small apartment, you can set up your suitcase bar cart for when you need it, and store it in a closet for when you don't. Or you can go the extra step and attach the suitcase directly to the stand to create an attractive piece of furniture to leave in your living room.

    DIY Suitcase Bar Cart from The Desi Wonder Woman

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    DIY Record Rack Bar Cart

    Give a makeover to the old rusted vinyl record rack you have in your basement–with a bit of prep work and some metallic spray paint, you can cover up the rust and create a sophisticated bar cart. 

    DIY Record Rack Bar Cart from Fish and Bull

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    DIY Ombre Bar Cart

    Do you have an old TV stand lying around the house? If so, you can repurpose it to become a beautiful ombre bar cart by using two colors of paint. As TV stands have plenty of storage, you can use the lower shelf to hold glassware and the top for bottles of alcohol.

    DIY Ombre Bar Cart from Paper & Stitch

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    DIY Bar Cart Makeover

    Repurpose an old metal rolling plant stand or office cart with a fresh coat of paint–easiest DIY ever!

    DIY Bar Cart Makeover from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Gold and Marble Bar Cart

    IKEA's Bygel utility cart is a popular choice for bar cart makeovers. The affordable rolling cart with three narrow shelves is perfect for small spaces. With a bit of gold paint and marble contact paper, you can update IKEA's storage shelves into a chic bar cart.

    DIY Gold and Marble Bar Cart from Twinspiration

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    DIY Industrial Bar Cart

    This simple designed industrial bar cart is perfect for serving alcohol or coffee. Made out of wood boards and plastic tubing, the smart design provides plenty of storage space.

    DIY Industrial Bar Cart from Fresh Mommy Blog

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    DIY Cart Makeover

    Convert a vintage typewriter cart into a bar cart. The expandable top shelf is perfect to give you more counter space as needed.

    DIY Cart Makeover from Poppytalk

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    DIY Ikea Bar Cart Hack

    It's hard to believe, but this beautiful bar cart is made from an IKEA laptop desk! You can make this bar cart by adding a thick acrylic sheet shelf to the bottom of a Vittsjo desk and painting the frame.

    DIY IKEA Bar Cart Hack from Style Me Pretty

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    DIY Wood Bar Cart

    Skip the expensive purchase, and build a wood bar cart yourself. This DIY only costs $50 (vs. the potential $100+ you could spend buying one at the store).

    DIY Wood Bar Cart from Angela Marie Made

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    DIY ​Restyled Bar Cart

    Restyle a vintage liquor cart with a quick paint job for this easy makeover.

    DIY Restyled Bar Cart from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Gold Bar Cart

    It doesn't matter how badly shaped an old bar cart is, if it has a great frame, you can give it a glamorous makeover for a one-of-a-kind creation.

    DIY Gold Bar Cart from The Life Styled

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    DIY Lime Green Bar Cart

    Using only some primer and spray paint on an old cart, you can make this super fun DIY lime green bar cart for your home.

    DIY Lime Green Bar Cart from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Drink Cart

    Give a bar cart makeover to a traditional IKEA wood kitchen cart using paint and wood wax. With plenty of storage and solid counter space, this makeover is sure to become a frequently used piece of furniture.

    DIY Drink Cart from Charmed Crown

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    DIY Chic Bar Cart

    Craft a mixed metal bar cart for your home by hacking IKEA's Mulig shelving unit. Use stainless steel contact paper on the shelves and gold spray paint on the frame to give it a new look.

    DIY Chic Bar Cart from Twinspiration

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    DIY Vintage Record Player Bar Cart

    Using a vintage record player wood frame, you can create a custom bar cart. The eye-catching piece of furniture is guaranteed to be a focal point in your home.

    DIY Vintage Record Player Bar Cart from Cassandra Monroe

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    DIY Bright And Bold Bar Cart

    Take a bland tea cart and enhance it with bright colors to create a dramatic and fun bar cart for your home.

    DIY Bright and Bold Bar Cart from Tattooed Martha