How to Make a Stuffed Bunny Pillow Pet

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    Materials Needed

    Bunny Pillow Made Using this Free Pillow Pattern
    Bunny Pillow Made Using this Free Pillow Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Kids love stuffed animals and this stuffed bunny pillow is bound to end up one of their favorites. This free sewing pattern creates an adorable stuffed bunny that is also a great usable pillow. This stuffed bunny is bound to find it's way to the car for road trips and visit many homes for slumber parties. The design allows for the "bunny" to be removed from the pillow and laundered.

    Materials Needed:

    • 1/2 yard of 60" wide fabric - soft fluffy fabric such as fleece, Chenille, Valour or fake furs. (You may even have an old sweater that could be used for this pattern. ( Make sure you know ahead of time about Cutting and Sewing Fur)
    • scraps or a quarter yard of non-fraying contrasting fabric for the feet
    • Embroidery Floss - Pink for nose and black for eyes (DMC Pearl Cotton was used on the sample shown in these directions)
    • Print out of Pattern
    • 5" circle template
    • Scraps of craft weight fusible interfacing - large enough for four of the ears pattern piece (The number you will cut out will be decided by the weight of the fabric you are using and how stiff you want the ears to be.)
    • Travel Pillow
    • Heavy duty thread such as button and carpet thread or Pearl Cotton for secure attachment of the head and tail.
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    Cutting, Interfacing and Markings Instructions

    Cutting Instructions for the Bunny Pillow
    Cutting Instructions for the Bunny Pillow. Debbie Colgrove, licensed to

    Cutting and Marking

    • Cut one rectangle 17" by 13"
    • Cut two rectangles 12" by 13"
    • Cut two face (Piece A)
    • Cut one of the Back of the Head (Piece B)
    • Cut four Ears (Piece C) - Two can be cut in a different fabric or color for the inside of the ear.
    • Cut four foot/corner template pieces (Piece D)
    • Cut one 5" circle for the tail. (Template is red circle on the pattern print out.)

    Note: If cutting fur, remember to flip the pattern piece over. If cutting through two layers of fabric have the fabric folded with right sides or wrong sides together so the pieces you cut will produce two cut pieces that can be assembled.

    Optional -- The Interfacing

    • Cut interfacing to match the ear pattern pieces.
    • Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the cut-out ear pieces. To gain more stiffness, fuse a second layer of the interfacing on each ear piece. Eliminate bulk which will make it difficult to turn the pieces once they are sewn, by trimming corners and points off of the interfacing before fusing it. Fabric such as the fabric shown in these photos cannot be pressed without loosing the bubbles or texture, use a temporary spray adhesive to hold the interfacing in place while working the pieces.


    • Transfer the markings on the face pattern piece to the fabric.
    • On the 17" by 13" rectangle
      • Mark the center of the 13" edges for the head and tail placement.
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    First Seam and Embroidery

    Face seam and embroider the face of the bunny pillow
    Face Seam and Embroider the Face. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Place right sides together and align the edges on piece A (the face).
    • Pin the edge with the nose and mouth.
    • Sew the seam from the top point to the neck on the face seam, using a scant 1/4" seam allowance.
    • Embroider a nose and the eyes on the face.
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    Assemble Ears and Attache Ears

    How to sew the ears on a bunny pillow
    Assemble the Ears. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Interface the ear pieces as described in step 2

    • Place two ear pieces right sides together and align the edges.
    • Using a scant 1/4" seam, sew from the flat bottom of the pieces, around the entire ear to the opposite flat edge.
    • Trim the top corner to eliminate bulk.
    • Turn the ear right side out.
    • Press the seams to the edges.
    • Turn the seam edges to the middle at the bottom of the ear and baste in place.
    • Repeat for the second ear.
    • Place the fold side of the ears against the face with the ears down on the face, aligning the bottom edge of the ears with the markings on the top of the pattern piece, and baste the ears in place.
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    Assemble Head

    How to attach the back of the head to the face pattern pieces.
    Attach the Back of the Head to the Face Pieces. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Fold the back of the head piece in half lengthwise to find the center of the top of the piece.
    • Place the right side down on the right side of the face joined face pieces, aligning the edges and the center top with the center seam of the face pieces. Pin in place.
    • Align the bottom corners of the back piece with the bottom corners of the face pieces, keeping the ears in the middle away from the seam allowances. Pin in place.
    • Align the remaining edges and pin in place.
    • Sew the pieces together using a scant 1/4" seam.
    • Apply a seam finish if needed.
    • Turn right sides out.
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    Stuff and Close the Head

    Stuff and close the bunny head for a bunny pillow.
    Stuff and Close the Head. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Using a very strong thread, sew a running stitch around the neck opening of the head piece.
    • Stuff the head firmly.
    • Pull the running stitch thread to close the opening at the neck of the head pieces.
    • Stitch to close the head pieces.

    Note: Leaving a tail after the note when sewing this running stitch will allow you to tie off the threads securely when you are done.

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    Prepare the Bunny Tail

    Sew the Bunny Tail
    Sew the Bunny Tail for the Bunny Pillow. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Hand sew a running stitch around the edge of the bunny tail piece. Leaving a tail after the note will make it easier to tie off the opening when you are done stuffing the tail.
    • Gently tug the running stitch threads to start gathering the edge of the circle and form a "cup" to stuff.
    • Stuff the tail.
    • Pull the threads to close the opening and close the opening by knotting the threads or stitching the opening closed.
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    Hem the Pillow Back Sections

    Hem the pillow back sections for a bunny pillow.
    Hem the Pillow Back Sections. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • On one 13" edge of each pillow back section, turn under the edge, bringing wrong sides together, 1/4" and press in place.
    • Turn under again to enclose the raw edge.
    • Stitch the hem in place, stitching as close to the unattached fold as possible.
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    Start Attaching the Pillow Back

    How to start attaching the pillow back to make a bunny pillow
    Start Attaching the Pillow Back. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    In this step, you will not completely attach the pillow back sections so that it will be easier to strongly and firmly attach the bunny head and tail pieces.

    • Place the un-hemmed 13" edge of a pillow back, right sides to right side, on a 12" end of the pillow front with the hemmed edge to the middle.​
    • Align the 13" edge and the sides. Pin in place.
    • Trim the corner, the same way you did on the front section so it matches the "foot" corner.
    • Sew from the side of the foot, across the 13" edge, to the bottom or side of the opposite foot.
    • Apply a seam finish.
    • Repeat for the opposite end of the pillow.
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    Attach the Bunny Head and Tail

    Attaching the Bunny Head to the Pillow Cover
    Attaching the Bunny Head to the Pillow Cover. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Please note that the bunny head is not centered on the seam. Please read all of the directions before sewing the head in place. The head and the tail are placed at the center ends of the pillow.

    • Turn the end seams of the pillow right sides out.
    • Place the bunny head so the mouth of the bunny is about 1 1/2" past the seam toward the back of the pillow.
    • Using strong thread, hand sew the head in place, sewing through the front pillow fabric.
    • From the inside of the pillow cover, sew a complete circle to hold the head in place. This circle is approximately 2" across.
    • Repeat for attaching the bunny tail except the tail is centered over the pillow front/back seam.
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    Feet and Pillow Corners

    How to Sew the Bunny Pillow Feet
    Bunny Pillow Feet. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Placing wrong side down with the foot pieces on the right side of the pillow front, align the sides of the foot pieces with the corners of the pillow front.
    • Pin in place and trim the square corner of the pillow front so it matches the foot pieces.
    • Zigzag or satin stitch the straight edge of each foot to the pillow front.
    • Top stitch the "toes" on the foot pieces, sewing through the foot pieces and pillow front.
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    Finish the Pillow Back Seams

    Completed Pillow Back on a Bunny Pillow
    Completed Pillow Back on a Bunny Pillow. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Turn the pillow wrong sides out, and finish aligning one pillow back with the long edges of the pillow front.
    • Repeat for the second back piece, laying it over the first back piece to form an overlap.
    • Start sewing about a 1/2" over where you stopped sewing the end seams and stop the same way.
    • Repeat for the second side.
    • Apply a seam finish and turn right sides out.
    • Optional: Add hook and loop tape or a snap to hold the pillow back closed