Stretchy Wood Bead Bracelet

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    Quick and Easy Stretchy bracelet

    Stretchy Wood Bead Bracelet. Julianna C Hudgins

    Making stretchy bracelets with elasticity cord is super quick and easy. This simple idea is one of my most favorite ways to inspire children and adults to make jewelry. It is also a really fun idea for birthday parties, fund raisers and gift giving. 

    The best part about making these bracelets is picking out the beads. You can use any sized bead that has a hole in it that will accommodate the size of elasticity cord that you are stringing on. You can make your stretchy bracelet to fit any style simply by choosing different colors and types of beads. Plastic and wood beads tend to be on the least expensive side where sterling silver, glass and high end decorative beads found at your local bead shops can be more expensive. 

    I get a lot of inspiration for color and design in several places including the beach, natural landscapes and on the web. I really enjoy using the color combination ideas that Diana Hathaway Timmons Color Expert features in her articles. When shopping for beads I usually visit several different stores including JoAnn Fabric and Craft stores. I find that when I am purchasing for a large project or group this is one of the best places for good quality reasonable priced beads.

    Getting started is easy, in just 8 simple steps you can have a one of a kind stretchy wood bead bracelet completed within 10 minutes. Follow the steps to learn how. 

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    Materials List

    Materials List. Julianna C Hudgins

    1 spool Beadalon elasticity cord, black 

    16 each, 6mm wood beads 

    3 each, 8mm wood beads

    4 each, silver colored spacer beads  

    Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue 

    1 pair of scissors 

    Optional, bead mat, paper plate, toothpick and clean wipes 

    Note: elasticity cord comes in several different colors including black, clear, satin gold and satin silver. Making it easier for you to color coordinate your projects. 

    You can purchase higher end beads and gem stones at Jewelry Television. They have an incredible assortment at reasonable prices. 

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    Step 1

    Step 1
    Step 1 cut 8 inch of cord. Julianna C Hudgins

    Cut one piece of elasticity cord 8 inches long. This measurement will allow for flexibility in size as you are creating your own finished piece. I like to have at least 2 extra inches on each end to make it as easy as possible for tying the knot. 

    Heres a hint, when first starting to make stretchy bracelets you may want to cut a longer piece than 8 inches. This way you can practice tying the knots without worrying about your beads coming loose as you are trying to maneuver the cord into a knot. I would suggest cutting 12 inches if you feel like you would need practice. 

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    Step 2

    Step 2. Julianna C Hudgins

    Lay out beads in desired arrangement for stringing onto cord. You can make this design as simple as you like or create patterns by alternating different sized beads. Remember to add one last bead at the end that has a bigger hole in order to cover and hide the knot. 

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    Step 3

    Step 3. Julianna C Hudgins

    String beads onto elasticity cord. If I am using a focal bead I will start by adding that bead in the center of my cord. Then I will continue to add beads from both the left and right side of the focal bead. This helps with keeping a nice balance in bead size and eye appeal to the finished bracelet. 

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    Step 4

    Step 4. Julianna C Hudgins

    Center beads onto cord so both ends are equal in length. Be careful not to loose your beads as they tend to dance on the cord prior to knotting. 

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    Step 5

    Step 5. Julianna C Hudgins

    Tie the two ends together so end beads are touching. I like to hold the ends down closest to the bead mat so the beads do not fall off or move while I am tying the ends. 

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    Step 6

    Step 6. Julianna C Hudgins

    Tie a knot and pull tight so that all beads are gathered together. I like to tie 3 knots for that extra security especially if my beads are large and heavy. 

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    Step 7

    Step 7. Julianna C Hudgins

     Apply a small amount of Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue to knot and let dry. 

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    Step 8

    Step 8. Julianna C Hudgins

    Cut excess ends of elasticity cord right above knot. I use a small pair of scissors with a sharp point so that I can get as close as possible without cutting into glued knot. Make sure that the last bead with large hole is covering knot to give your bracelet that clean finished look. 

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    Finished Wood Bead Bracelet

    Finished!. Julianna C Hudgins

     Your finished wood bracelet is complete and ready to wear. 

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    Big and Bright Stretchy Bead bracelet

    Big and Bright stretchy bead bracelet. Julianna C Hudgins

    If you want to create a stretchy bracelet that really makes a wow statement try using bigger and brighter beads in your design layout. These beads are from Jesse James Beads. They carry a huge assortment of decorative festive beads.