10 Stranger Things Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Plastic Little Covers

Netflix's Stranger Things has become an instant pop culture phenomenon. Whether you are a fan of the kids, Joyce or the Demogorgon; there is a cross stitch project (and an Eggo sandwich) just for you.

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    Yager and Yarn

    They love 3 Musketeers, they grow at incredible speed and they have a taste for your cat. Demodogs are not your average household pet. These little guys grow into the big baddies known as the Demogorgons. Yager and Yarn celebrates these little monsters with their pattern of Dustin's quote. Be careful when catching small lizards in your trash; they might just grow up to take over the wold. It is much safer to stitch this pattern instead. 

    Demodog, $2.00, Yager and Yarn

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    As soon as the opening credits begin, you know that you are in for an adventure. The opening is just as iconic as the entire show. The font has taken on a life of its own, spawning cross stitch patterns and other fan art from around the internet. Cross Stitch Quest has created a free pattern of the opening credits. This is a must have project for any Stranger Things fan. 

    Opening Credit from Cross Stitch Quest

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    Friends Don't Lie

    Plastic Little Covers

    There are few rules of the party. The most important is: Friends Don't Lie. This rule was tested throughout all of season two, but in the end, friendship prevailed. This pattern by Plastic Little Covers is a wonderful project to remind your best friend that you are there for them and that you have a special bond. 

    Friends Don't Lie, $4.76, Plastic Little Covers

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    She's Our Friend


    Eleven is special. She may be a little off, but the bond she shares with the boys, especially Mike, can not be broken. She will go a little crazy defending them. Kiokiz immortalizes their special relationship with this quote sampler. This project is great for anyone who is a fan of the series and who wants to step up their cross stitching skills. While not a difficult pattern, there are a few details that will take the basic stitcher to the next level. 

    She's Our Friend, $4.50, Kiokiz

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    Space Nona Stitchery

    Each character in Stranger Things plays an important role. They all work together. They are all pieces of a puzzle that make up a bigger picture. Space Nonas Stitchery created these portrait "selfie" cross stitch patterns for each character. They would make great patches for jackets or brooches. You can also stitch them as one big piece for a large sampler. 

    Stranger Things Portrait, $8.00, Space Nonas Stitchery

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    What is your favorite part of the Stranger Things series? Is it the party of boys? The Demogorgon? What about the light alphabet? No matter what or who you are crazy about, you can celebrate them all in Cloud Factory's Stranger Things Sampler. 

    Stranger Things Sampler, $8.00, Cloud Factory

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    Mornings Are for Coffee

    Exy Cross Stitch

    In the words of the great Sheriff Hopper, "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation." Mornings are not for fighting demogorgons. This pattern by Exy Cross Stitch is great for those who are slaves to coffee. You could stitch it up on a cup cozy and pair it with a bag of coffee beans as a great gift for any occasion. 

    Mornings are for Contemplation, $4.47,Exy Cross Stitch

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    My Paddles

    Cool Little Spear

    Raise your hand if you love Dustin. He is so quirky and funny. He had the best lines and lightened the fear that we all had throughout the series. Can we please have a Steve and Dustin cop buddy spin off? Cool Little Spear shares their pattern for one of his famous lines from season two. They add their own little spin with titles of the books like,  "Cooking With Nougat" and  "How to Impress Girls With Reptiles You Found in Your Trashcan."

    My Paddles, $1.02, Cool Little Spear

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    Eggo and Christmas Lights

    Jack the Stitcher

    The inanimate objects in both the first and second season of Stranger Things are almost as iconic as the characters themselves. Everyone knows the imagery of the Christmas tree light alphabet wall. It has become a pop culture reference. Eggo is another item that is enjoying a surge in popularity due to Eleven's love of them. Jack the Stitcher created this sampler that showcases not only the party, but also the objects that are dear to them. 

    Eggo and Christmas Light Sampler, $6.00, Jack the...MORE Stitcher

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    Justice for Barb

    Stitch It With Sass

    Barb was only with us for a short time, but she is still a powerful force in season two. We loved her no-nonsense strong attitude. She didn't care what people thought of her. She was smart, sassy and pretty stylish for the 80's. We all hoped that she would go on to bigger things. Luckily in season two, her death was avenged and we felt some closure. Stitch It With Sass shares their love for Barb with this amazing red-on-black sampler. (Spoiler Alert!) Let's hope they create a sampler...MORE for Bob, too. 

    Justice for Barb, $2.99,Stitch It with Sass