60-Minute Straight-Stitch Needlepoint Necklace

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    A Dazzling Four-Way Long Stitch Needlepoint Design

    4-Way Long Stitch Needlepoint Necklace
    4-Way Long Stitch Needlepoint Necklace. Althea R. DeBrule

    Here’s an easy needlepoint project to stitch in between those crazy-busy times of your life. Designed for moments when you have 60 minutes to spare, this simple four-way needlepoint necklace design can be stitched and ready for wear the same day!

    Once you’ve made the first one, you’ll want to stitch a necklace to match every outfit in your wardrobe as you enjoy putting those small pieces of treasured needlepoint thread scraps and other supplies to good use.

    What You'll Need

    All of the needlepoint-related supplies for this project are most likely in your stash. You should not have to buy thread, stuffing or regular stitching supplies if you frequently work needlepoint projects. As a result, the four-way needlepoint necklace can be made for less than $10 USD.

    Here is a list of the materials you will need to complete the project:

    • 2 small pieces of #14-count Plastic Canvas -You’ll have to buy an entire sheet; but will have enough left over to make several necklaces.
    • Two Contrasting Colors of Thread Scraps - Tapestry Yarn, Silk-Wool Blend or any other Single-Ply needlepoint thread works best. You’ll get better canvas coverage with these fibers.
    • A Handful of Fiberfill Stuffing - use what you already have on hand from other needlepoint projects like pillows, pin cushions or stuffed toys.
    • Chain Necklace - You’ll need one per project. Make sure that it slides easily over at least one end of the chain necklace.
    • Split-Ring Jump Ring - This type of ring slides through the needlework and does not fall out from constant wear.
    • Regular Stitching Supplies - Embroidery Scissors, Tapestry Needles, Lighting, Magnification, etc.
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    Super Easy Steps to Make the Needlepoint Necklace

    Straight Stitch Needlepoint Necklace Design Charts
    Straight Stitch Needlepoint Necklace Design Charts. Althea R. DeBrule

    This versatile needlepoint necklace design will make you the envy of your friends. Each time you stitch it, you’ll create a unique fashion accessory that no one else has ever seen.

    Worked entirely with straight Long Stitches arranged stylishly and placed in four different directions, the center motif is repeated on a front as well as back piece, and then joined together with a simple needlepoint border. Here’s how s it's done.

    1. Download the free Straight Long Stitch Needlepoint Design Chart. Since this is a Bargello pattern, you will definitely need to enlarge the image before making copies to be able to closely see where each stitch begins and ends.
    2. Cut a piece of plastic canvas that’s large enough for you to hold comfortably in your hands; but no smaller than 4 inches wide by 2 inches high. The finished necklace will be 1.36 inches square (worked on #14-count plastic canvas). Once you’ve finished stitching the inner motifs, you’ll be able to trim the plastic for joining and working the whipstitch needlepoint border.
    3. Use a black marker to draw a line down the vertical center of the canvas to divide the canvas in half. At this point, you can either cut the canvas into two pieces and work each design motif individually, or keep it intact and stitch both motifs on the same piece (it works up faster if you do it this way).
    4. Find the center of each section of the canvas and place the first four stitches. The majority of the stitches are worked over 3 plastic canvas mesh threads, stepping up or down one thread in each direction (see center chart image above). Use the darker of the color (main color) you have chosen to establish the “X” shaped pattern outline.
    5. When you get to the corner on either side, make one compensating stitch over 2 threads and another over 1 thread. Rotate the canvas to the right or left 90 degrees and repeat the pattern outline. Continue until all four sides of the outline have been stitched.
    6. Fill in the remaining pattern areas with the light colored thread (contrasting color). Repeat for the other three sides as well, paying particular attention to the proper placement of the compensating stitches.
    7. Complete Steps 4 to 6 to work a second identical copy of the necklace motif.

    Finishing Touches

    1. Trim each piece of canvas to within 3 plastic canvas threads on all sides from the stitched motifs.
    2. Place the wrong sides together and hold in place as you work. Starting in the top center of one side, work over the blank 3 plastic canvas threads in a straight whipstitch technique, making sure to go through both pieces of canvas to join them together (see right image above).
    3. At each corner after working the straight compensating stitch, place a small diagonal tent stitch to keep the plastic canvas from showing and to protect the turning edges.
    4. Use a pencil or similar tool to stuff a bit of Fiberfill inside before working the final closing area of the necklace. Once completed, the necklace should look similar to the left image above.

    Final Assembly

    1. Open the split ring jump ring enough to gently ease it through the needlepoint and canvas thread in one corner of the stitched design. Attach the end of the jewelry bail connector at the same time.
    2. Open the clasp on the chain necklace and slide the bail with attached needlepoint onto the chain. Place it around your neck and adjust the chain as needed. The needlepoint with attached bail can easily be removed and placed on another chain as desired.

    Making More Needlepoint Necklaces

    Once you're comfortable with the steps above, make additional necklaces by doing one or a combination of these suggestions.

    • Vary the look of the design by using overdyed threads, fine metallic braids, as well as novelty fibers.
    • Add a large decorative bead or small novelty button in the center of the stitched necklace front before joining with the back motif.
    • Attach two split ring jump rings--one at each top corner of the completed needlepoint and attach to the clasp ends of a long chain necklace. This will make the necklace square instead of a diamond shape.