Stocking Stuffers for Knitters

Little Gifts for Crafty Folks

Lilly Brush
The Lilly Brush after using it on a pair of my daughter's mittens. © Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

If you're looking for a special little something for a knitter in your life, or just for some suggestions for gifts other people can get you for the holidays (or your birthday), look no further. Here are some great ideas for little gifts that all your fiber friends will love.

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    Burt's Bees Hand Salve

    Burt's Bees Hand Salve is marketed as a product for gardeners, but it's great for knitters as well, particularly in the winter when the air is really dry. This oily, waxy salve is the perfect relief for skin that's rough from too much knitting, and applying it gives you a great hand massage. And the tin will stay closed even in the bottom of a knitting bag or purse.

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    Measuring Tapes

    Everyone has a measuring tape or two, but it never hurts to have a few more. They're never where you think they should be when you need them. If you have several, you can keep one in each knitting bag or even one in each room of the house where knitting happens so you won't have to wonder where one is when you need it. I like the basic vinyl ones because they don't stretch as much as the fabric ones can. Retractable tape measures are a great choice for bags.

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    Row Counters

    Row counters are another knitting necessity that you can't seem to find when you need them. There are several varieties, including ones that slip onto your needle or around your neck, peg boards or the fun "kacha kacha" variety that makes a cheerful noise when you change the number.

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    Stitch Markers

    Yet another knitting supply that it's hard to have too many of is stitch markers. Whether you buy a bunch of the plain plastic ones we're all familiar with or make your own or buy ones handmade with beads, this is one gift that's sure to get used by its recipient.

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    Fabric Pill Remover

    Lilly Brush
    The Lilly Brush after using it on a pair of my daughter's mittens. © Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    Knit garments are just going to get pills over time, and there are lots of different methods to remove them. A tool like the Lilly Brush Fabric Pill Remover is great to have on hand for cleaning up handknits and other natural fiber items.


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    The Knit Kit

    The Knit Kit
    The Knit Kit shows off some of its tricks. (c) Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    Outfit your favorite knitter with all the basic tools in one portable package. This kit includes a retractable tape measure, scissors, crochet hook, thread cutter, stitch markers, needle protectors, darning needle and stitch counter with a lock. New for 2013: a needle gauge built into the lid!


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    Boye 3 in 1 Knitting Tool
    The Boye 3 in 1 Knitting Tool. © Sarah E. White, licensed to, Inc.

    Speaking of items that are multiple tools in one, the 3 in 1 Knitting and Crochet Tool from Boye is a needle gauge and stitch gauge that also tells you basic information about the average yarn used with particular needles. It's a great, lightweight reference tool.


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    Double-Pointed Needles

    For the sock and hat knitting fans out there, a set or two of double-pointed needles is always a welcome gift. Whether you go for aluminum, bamboo or wood, and no matter what size you choose, your favorite knitter is sure to be happy to add to her or his needle stash.

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    Work in Progess Tube

    DPN WIP tube
    DPN WIP tube. Nancy's Knit Knacks.

    If you're giving double-pointed needles, or you know someone who likes to knit a lot of socks, a tube that helps hold all the stitches on all the needles when she or he is not knitting can be a big help. It's great for traveling or for keeping curious kids from tugging on the needles, thus dropping all your stitches.

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    Stress Relief Gloves

    Therapeutic gloves are a great choice for knitters of all ages. I don't know any knitter who hasn't knit too long at some point, making their hands and wrists hurt. Slipping on these gloves improves circulation and allows you to knit a little longer with a lot less pain.

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    Knit Kards

    Knit Kards
    Knit Kards. Nancy's Knit Knacks.

    Knit Kards are a handy way of keeping tons of knitting-related information at your fingertips, from how to do the kitchener stitch to the estimated yardage for a project, and even your needle inventory and the measurements of people you knit for.