Stephanie White

Stephanie White is a modern designer who is innovative in her affordable do-it-yourself projects for the home. She is a freelance writer and educator with over 10 years experience teaching design, art, and do-it-yourself projects. She also blogs about home decorating and DIY projects at her blog Stephanie White.


Stephanie has worked for the past 10 years teaching arts and crafts. She now works full-time as a DIY writer and home designer.  Her design projects have been featured by various home and design magazines and websites such as Couch Magazine, Canadian Living, and Ikea Hackers.


Stephanie has two degree in Visual Arts and Education with a specialization in teaching art and crafts. 

Stephanie White

I adore working on projects for the home and sharing my tricks and knowledge of how to do home renovations to crafting homemade décor items, and will show how to save money and do the project yourself.

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