Stephanie Finnegan

Stephanie Finnegan is an editor, writer, blogger and columnist who has specialized in the field of dolls, teddy bears, collectibles and shopping trends. A former editor in chief for DOLLS magazine and Teddy Bear Review, Stephanie works today as a senior contributor for DOLLS and Teddy Bear & Friends. Stephanie is also the co-author of two recent Amazon bestsellers, which blend romance, time travel and doll collecting. She's the mother of two great, high-spirited, very curious, fun kids. 


 Stephanie has been involved in the toy field for the past 20 years, having begun her "playful" career with DOLLS. During her time at the magazine, she wrote three highly successful books: Madame Alexander Dolls: An American Legend, The Robert Tonner Story: Dreams and Dolls and The Doll House Book. The latter title launched museum exhibits, gallery discussions and was the focal point of gift shops and independent bookstore exhibits around the country. The Doll House Book was especially noticeable because it was shaped just like a dollhouse.

Today, Stephanie continues writing about trends in the doll marketplace and is a senior contributor for DOLLS, Teddy Bear & Friends, Handmade Business and Smart Retailer. Her e-book Toying Around: A Grown-up's Guide to Great Gifts for Good Girls and Boys was a big Christmas hit, and was covered on podcasts and talk radio.

Her most recent books are two enchanting time-travel tales, co-authored with Robert Tonner, that combine history, fantasy, collectible dolls and comedic twists-and-turns. The two fictional tales, Deja Vu: Love, Death & So On and No Time to Wasteare available for Kindle and Nook. The titles have attracted international attention.


 Stephanie has a B.A. in journalism from Long Island University. 

Stephanie Finnegan

 As a mother, I am always interested in finding toys that will entertain and educate my children. I don't believe there's such a thing as "mindless" play. Every time your child sits down and plays with a doll, she is acting out something she's seen or dreamed, something she wishes for or something she's experienced. I know that video games and tablet apps often seem to be taking over the play universe, but dolls have remained relevant. I look forward to sharing my experiences and expertise in guiding you toward why a doll should matter to you, your daughters and even your sons!

I hope to hear from you and invite you to share your impressions, questions and concerns with me. You can learn more about me at my website

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