9 Star Wars Cross Stitch Patterns

may the force be with you star wars cross stitch
Craft Tut Plus

Whether you favor the dark side or the light, there is a cross-stitch pattern just for you. Browse our favorite Star Wars-themed cross stitch patterns from all across the galaxy and may the force be with your stitching—always.

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    Lack of Faith

    Lack of Faith quote in cross stitch

    There are a few things that Darth Vader requires. He expects your loyalty to him and to the dark side. Don't make him angry and question your lack of faith. The gang at Instructables created this cute little Lord Vader to cross stitch for free. 

    Lack of Faith from Instructables

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    Boba Fett cross stitch
    My Cross Stitching

    My Cross Stitching takes the traditional look of the bounty hunter Boba Fett and reinterprets it in the style of a Día de Muertos skull. The bright colors and flowers are fun touches to a dark character. While this pattern is not the normal take on Boba Fett, it is a project that any fan will love.

    Bobafet, $4.95, My Cross Stitching 

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    May the Force Be with You

    May the force be with you cross stitch
    Craft Tut Plus

    Are you facing a tough challenge? May the force be with you. These words can ring true in any situation. If you have the force of good with you, anything can be conquered. Craft Tuts Plus created this quote pattern for free. This project is not complicated. It has a positive message and is an excellent way for beginners to learn about lettering. You can cross-stitch it on a backpack, tote bag, or jacket. Take this message wherever you go and spread those positive vibes. 

    May the Force Be With You from Craft Tuts Plus

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    Princess Leia

    Kawaii Princess Leia

    Star Wars cross stitch patterns do not need to be so serious. They can be cute and cuddly like this Princess Leia pattern from Lenyboop. The Princess is accompanied by her favorite companion while hanging on to a death star balloon. The style of this project is a tribute to kawaii, the Japanese culture of cuteness, and would be adorable for a child's bedroom. 

    Princess Leia, $6.11, Lenyboop

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    I Am Your Father

    "Luke..." quote cross stitch

    "Luke, I am your father." Do you remember the shock you felt when these words were spoken? Did you yell at the movie screen? After hearing this line from the film, all bets were off. What could happen next? Instructables immortalized this quote from Darth Vader with this free cross stitch pattern. How great would this be as a shower gift for a new father? 

    I am Your Father from Instructables

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    The Droids

    The Droids cross stitch
    Crazzzy Stitch

    Are these the droids you are looking for? Crazzzy Stitches has created a tongue and cheek cross stitch pattern that is a play on The Beatles and those lovable droids from the various Star Wars movies. Whether you love the new BB8 or stay true to R2D2, this pattern is a quirky must stitch. 

    The Droids, $3.50, Crazzzy Stitch

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    Taun Taun

    Taun tauns cross stitch
    Capes and Crafts

    Taun Tauns not only are transportation, but they also keep you warm when you are stuck on Hoth. Capes and Crafts celebrate the less than pleasing smell of a taun taun with their free pattern. Cross stitch this phrase on a kitchen towel or apron for that Star Wars-loving home cook in your life. It would also be fun to stitch it on a laundry bag for college students.

    Taun Tauns from Capes and Crafts

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    Star Wars ABC

    Star Wars ABC
    Wee Little Stitches

    What better way to teach kids their ABC's than with a Star Wars-themed ABC pattern. Each letter represents a different character from the series. This pattern is extremely large, thus making it a great project to start at the beginning of the year and finish up around the winter holiday season. 

    Star Wars ABC, $16.00, Wee Little Stitches 

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    Try Not

    Yoda quote cross stitch
    Halloween Costumes

    "Don't just try it, do it." The wise words of Yoda should be able to motivate anyone. This free pattern would be great stitched on a journal, a workout towel, or just in a hoop. Hang the finished project in a place that you will see daily to keep your spirits up and yourself on the right track. 

    Yoda from Halloween Costumes