Quick Reference Chart for Standard Mattress Sizes

Mattress sizes
Janet Wickall

Will the bed linens you plan to buy or the quilt you're making fit the mattress of the bed they will be used to cover? The mattress sizes chart above can help, and its quick visual comparison of mattresses illustrates the differences in their top dimensions.

Understanding standard mattress sizes will help you decide whether or not to alter a quilt pattern. One simple way to increase a quilt's size is to add borders around all of its sides, but there are other ways to use borders effectively to adjust quilt size.

  • Eliminate one or all borders to decrease quilt size.
  • Alter the width of borders to increase or decrease quilt size.
  • Add borders when quilt patterns do not include borders.
  • Do away with the top borders if you like, especially if that part of the quilt will be covered with throw pillows or pillows covered with decorative shams.

Consider adding sashing and cornerstones to increase the size of a quilt.

No single quilt pattern can cover the needs of all quilters who like a design. Make extra quilt blocks whenever needed to increase the size of any quilt. Learn how to calculate fabric yardage to make the additions a breeze or to reduce the amount of fabric required when you want to make a smaller quilt.

Take a look at the chart and then view dimensions below to help determine a starting point for quilt design and to find help when it'ts time to choose other types of bedding.

Crib Size Mattress: 28" x 52"

Twin Size Mattress: 39" x 75"

Long Twin Mattress: 39" x 80"
found in most college dorms

Full Size Mattress: 54" x 75"
also called a double mattress

Queen Size Mattress: 60" x 80"

King Size Mattress: 76" x 80"

California King Mattress: 72" x 84"

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Bedding or Making a Quilt

  • Will the quilt be tucked in or allowed to drape?
  • Does the bed have a footboard and will a typical quilt work with that type of furniture?
  • Do you need borders on all four sides of the quilt?
  • Learn more about standard mattress sizes, including mattress depths and other elements that should be considered before making a quilt.