Standard Envelope Sizes for Fitting Custom-Made Cards

Whether you are making greeting cards for fun or profit, knowing the popular standard envelope sizes is a useful part of the planning process. You will need to match card sizes to envelopes to ensure your cards are not delivered damaged.

A list of the most popular envelope sizes for card makers is listed below in both North American and International ISO sizes.

Making cards to fit standard envelope sizes is useful if you are making a batch of cards.

Designing cards to fit standard envelope sizes is also useful if you are making cards to sell as standard size envelopes can be purchased in bulk at discount prices. The right size will also ensure that your card arrives in tip-top condition. An envelope that is too small will crush or crease the card; an envelope that is too large will allow the card to move around and may damage any embellishments.

Tips for Using Standard Size Envelopes

Here are some tips for using standard size envelopes:

  • When you pick an envelope for a card remember to factor in any additional embellishments or features in your card design which may affect the choice of an envelope size.
  • If you have to use an envelope which is too large for your card, place a thick piece of paper or card which is the same size as the envelope with your card to help stop it from moving around.
  • If your card design does not fit a standard size envelope, then consider making your own. This is a great way to add another handmade touch to your card and will make it stand out from mass-produced alternatives.


    Popular Standard Envelope Sizes

    North American

    A24⅜ x 5¾111 x 146
    A64¾ x 6½121 x 165
    A75¼ x 7¼133 x 184
    A85½ x 8⅛139 x 206
    A95¾ x 8¾146 x 222
    A106 x 9½152 x 241

    ISO (International Standard)

    C49 x 12.75229 x 324
    C5162 x 2296.38 x 9
    C6114 x 1624.5 x 6.38 i
    C7/681 x 1623.19 x 6.38
    C781 x 1143.19 x 4.5
    DL110 x 2204.32 x 8.69


    If you want to make custom sized envelopes, then one alternative is to make your own envelopes. This is surprisingly easy to do and you'll find a number of tutorials and templates available online to help you create an envelope which is a special size.