10 Most Adorable Squirrel FREE Crochet Patterns

Crochet squirrel patterns of every shape and size

Squirrels are cute little creatures. They scamper around yards and gardens and parks, up trees and through bushes. Some people find them to be pests but most people won't deny their adorableness. Crochet squirrels have all the cuteness (and then some) without any of the "pesk". Here are ten free squirrel crochet patterns to fill your life with adorable energy.

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    SquirrelPicnic's Free Crochet Squirrel Pattern
    SquirrelPicnic's Free Crochet Squirrel Pattern. SquirrelPicnic

    Unsurprisingly, the very best resource for squirrel crochet patterns is Squirrel Picnic. In fact, Squirrel Picnic has a crochet book called The Big Acorn Race that tells a squirrel story while sharing crochet squirrel patterns. Author and designer Jennifer does also offer us this free crochet squirrel pattern on her blog, though, and it's a great place to start if you are new to crafting squirrels!


    Crochet Squirrels by Squirrel Picnic

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    Free Crochet Squirrel Pattern
    Free Crochet Squirrel Pattern. Tamitha

    Once you start to look at a variety of different crochet squirrel patterns, you realize that there are all of these subtle differences that make each one look different than the last. It could be a lot of fun to make a whole set of crochet squirrels to help you decide which you like best - or just to have an excuse to crochet a lot of squirrels! This free crochet pattern is by Tamitha.


    Crochet Squirrel by Tamitha

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    Grey Crochet Squirrel Free Pattern
    Grey Crochet Squirrel Free Pattern. Claire Houck

    Claire Houck created this free crochet squirrel pattern in a larger size that resembles a more traditional stuffed animals. It's a grey crochet squirrel pattern that is offered as a free pattern download on Ravelry.


    Grey Crochet Squirrel by Claire Houck

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    White Squirrel Free Crochet Pattern
    White Squirrel Free Crochet Pattern. NyanPon

    Crochet designer NyanPon says that white squirrels do exist in the wild, even if you don't see them very often. This one sure is cute. And with those pink eyes, it makes a great little stuffed animal gift for Valentine's Day! Precious.


    White Crochet Squirrel by NyanPon

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    Ninja Squirrel Free Crochet Pattern
    Ninja Squirrel Free Crochet Pattern. Genuine Mudpie

    People who prefer their "cute" with a little bit of edge can enjoy this free crochet pattern by Genuine Mudpie, who has turned a simple crochet squirrel into a ninja!


    Ninja Squirrel by Genuine Mudpie

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    Scrat-Inspired Crochet Squirrel Free Pattern
    Scrat-Inspired Crochet Squirrel Free Pattern. Great Grey Crochet

    Fans of the Ice Age movie will be familiar with Scrat the Squirrel. This free amigurumi crochet pattern is inspired by that character. It's a free crochet pattern from Great Grey Crochet. And even if you don't know the movie, it's a great choice for a crochet squirrel pattern with a cartoon look to it.


    Scrat the Squirrel by Great Grey Crochet

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    Squirrel Applique Free Crochet Pattern

    Squirrel Applique Free Crochet Pattern
    Squirrel Applique Free Crochet Pattern. Kelly DeSandro

    Not all squirrel crochet patterns are amigurumi patterns. If you don't like to crochet stuffed animals but do want to crochet a squirrel then this free appliqué pattern, offered on Ravelry by Kelly DeSandro, is one terrific option. You could string a set of these into seasonal bunting or add a single one to a hat or blanket to make it just a little bit more adorable.


    Squirrel Crochet Applique by Kelly DeSandro

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    Crochet Squirrel Phone Cozy Free Pattern
    Crochet Squirrel Phone Cozy Free Pattern. Akinna Stisu, Ravelry

    Dress up your mobile devices with cute crochet cozies. This crochet squirrel phone cozy is one option for doing that and a super cute one at that. This free crochet pattern is a Ravelry download by Akkina Stisu.


    Crochet Squirrel Phone Cozy by Akkina Stisu

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    Squirrel Keychain Free Crochet Pattern
    Squirrel Keychain Free Crochet Pattern. The Sun and The Turtle

    Never lose your keys again when you've got this squirrel friend to help you keep track of them. This is an amigurumi-style free crochet pattern by The Sun and The Turtle.


    Squirrel Keychain by The Sun and The Turtle

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    Knit and Crochet Squirrel Squares
    Lattes and Llamas

    This is inspired by the Marvel character Squirrel Girl. It was originally part of a Geek-a-long for crocheters and knitters. There are versions of the square in both crafts offered as free crochet patterns.


    Knit and Crochet Squirrel Squares by Lattes and Llamas