Easy Square Stitched Awareness Ribbon Free Beading Pattern

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    Materials and Getting Started

    The first two rows of the awareness ribbon worked in square stitch
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    To make this easy square stitched awareness ribbon, you will need the following materials and tools:

    • 5 grams of size 8 seed beads (I used pink for breast cancer awareness)
    • Beading thread: Nymo size D, Wildfire or FireLine in 10 lb. test
    • Pin finding
    • Size 12 beading needle
    • Chain nose pliers (optional)
    • Scissors or thread cutter
    • The glue of your choice (E6000 recommended)

    To get started, on a comfortable length of beading thread (no longer than 5 feet), string a stop bead. Pick up 3 seed beads.

    Work in square stitch to add a second row.

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    Reinforce Your Rows

    Reinforcing the rows of square stitch as you work
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    As you work each two rows, make sure that you go back and reinforce them by stitching back through the row next to the one you just completed. Then pass the needle and thread back up through the row that you just completed.

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    Stitch the Ribbon

    Stitch the ribbon until it is approximately 4 1/4 inches long
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    Continue stitching in square stitch until you have a ribbon approximately 4 1/4 inches long. (Approximately 42 rows, depending on how tight you stitch.)

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    Estimating the Fold

    Estimating where you will tack your ribbon together
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    Once you have finished stitching the strip of square stitch, fold the strip so that it forms a loop at the top with two tails or ends on the bottom. You can adjust it a bit with your fingers until you get a shaped loop that is pleasing to you.

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    Getting Your Needle Into Position

    Stitch back through the ribbon so that you are exiting from the middle bead of the row where you want to tack the ribbon together
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    Once you know where you want your ribbon to be tacked together, stitch back up through the ribbon. We stitched back 8 rows.

    Make sure your needle is exiting from the middle seed bead of the row.

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    Tacking the Two Sides Together

    Stitching through the back of the corresponding seed bead on the other side of the ribbon. Your thread passes should not be visible from the front of the ribbon
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    Pass your needle through the back of the middle bead in the corresponding row on the other side of the ribbon. Stitch back through the bead that you exited at the beginning of this step.

    You should be able to make two or three passes with your needle and thread to make sure that the attachment is secure. Pull snugly so that the two ends lie directly on top of each other.

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    Stitch the Rows Together

    Stitching the two corresponding rows together will provide extra strength for your awareness ribbon
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    After you have stitched the beads together a few times, continue through to the bead on the edge of the row. Take your needle and thread through the corresponding row on the other side of the beaded ribbon, then back into the row that you were exiting at the beginning of this step.

    Stitch back and forth through the rows a few times to provide extra strength for the connection between the two sides.

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    Finishing Steps

    The finished square stitch awareness ribbon
    Jennifer VanBenschoten

    Once you have secured the two ends together, weave in your thread tails, tie a few knots in between beads, weave in a bit more, and trim your thread close to the beadwork. You can add a drop of glue on the knots if you wish.

    After you have woven in your thread tails, you can use a strong glue such as E6000 to attach a pin back to the flat side of the ribbon.

    The ribbon can be made in any color you choose to represent the cause of your choice.