Free 12" Patchwork Quilt Block Patterns

12" Quilt Blocks Are a Popular Size for Quilting Projects

Try one or more of my free 12" quilt block patterns for your next quilting project.

Twelve-inch quilt blocks are one the most popular sizes used in patchwork quilts, and thousands of designs have been created over the years, from traditional to contemporary. The blocks are often chosen to create sampler quilts, where twelve or more different quilt blocks are sewn to create a quilt.

If you're a beginning quilter, always refer to the links within each pattern to learn more about the...MORE techniques used during quilt block assembly.

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    Labyrinth Quilt Block Pattern
    Labyrinth Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Labyrinth style quilt blocks are always a hit because everyone loves the woven look of the block's framing area. A star rests at the center of this Labyrinth quilt block. I think you'll find that it's pretty simple to construct this 12" block if you work on the patchwork in a step by step manner.

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    Weathervane Quilt Block Pattern
    Learn How to Make Easy Weathervane Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Weathervane is a 12" quilt block that's assembled with easy quick piecing techniques. The pattern is suitable for all quilters, beginning to experienced, and includes instructions for three different block sizes. You'll also find an alternative way to assemble the patchwork that's sewn between corners on the outer edges of the block.

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    Early Morning Star Quilt Block Pattern
    Early Morning Star Quilt Block. Janet Wickell

    The Early Morning Star quilt block looks a little strange when displayed on its own, but that's because the design has built-in patchwork sashing. Once the quilt blocks are complete you can sew them together to create a perfectly sashed quilt without the bother of handling the long, often stretchy, sashing pieces that are typically sewn between rows.

    As you read the pattern do keep in mind that you can use the same technique with nearly any quilt block design.

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    16 Points Frame Quilt Block Pattern
    16 Points Frame Quilt Block. Janet Wickell

    This quilt block can be assembled in many ways. I chose a combination of techniques, all quick pieced, to sew its patchwork. The blocks illustrated are color controlled and the colors within each block blend. Your own quilt blocks can be entirely different, and I think you'll find that it's fun to go scrappy with this design.

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    Sailboats Log Cabin Quilt Block Pattern
    Make Sailboats Log Cabin Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Sailboat quilts are popular with children and adults. Create your own version with this easy 12" log cabin quilt block that features a little boat at its center. The design is perfect for scrap quilts, even if you only go scrappy when you create the boats.

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    Divided Cross Quilt Block Pattern
    Sew Divided Cross Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    The corners of Divided Cross offer a wonderful opportunity to link the blocks in a quilt. Framed four patches are created at corners when blocks are sewn together. Alter some of the corner squares to make four patches of varying colors or leave them identical to make a large square emerge at block intersections.

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    Log Cabin Quilt Block Pattern
    Make Square in a Square Log Cabin Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Log Cabin quilt blocks gets another tweak in this 12" pattern. The block's center holds a square in a square and logs with contrasting triangles at their corners finish the look as they're sewn to the block.

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    Unique Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern
    Sew Unique Nine Patch Churn Dash Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Give the traditional Churn Dash quilt block a bit more pizzazz by placing a nine patch quilt block at its center and breaking up the center's four framing units into two fabrics each. 

    Like so many other patchwork quilt blocks, this Churn Dash variation can be color controlled or scrappy, your choice. It's simple to sew, and that makes the design perfect for quilt block swaps.

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    Goose Frame Quilt Block Pattern
    Make Goose Frame Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    This version of Goose Frame has loads of patchwork to play with when you design a quilt. My version coordinates a bit, with colors that were chosen based on the block's center. Your own blocks can be very different and created with additional colors.

    Tone on tone fabrics work nicely for the small patchwork pieces in this quilt block, but the block's appearance would be completely different if you choose to alter contrast among its patchwork.

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    Shimmering Pinwheels Quilt Block Pattern
    Make Shimmering Pinwheels Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    I love the way black fabric highlights the sparkly pinwheel interior of this quilt block but think it would look wonderful if the two fabrics swapped positions, too. How would you choose fabrics for this block? Try choosing three fabrics and switch them around from block to block to add more visual interest in your finished quilt.

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    Tumbling Blocks Frame Quilt
    Make changes to the Tumbling Blocks Frame layout. Janet Wickell

    Quick piecing techniques make this patchwork rich quilt block so easy to assemble. The design is perfect for quilts with a 3D appearance -- try adding black or another very dark fabric to some of the smaller squares to create a visual shift in the block.

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    Three Story Building Quilt Block Pattern
    Make Three Story Building Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Sew this quilt block as a house or use it to create an assortment of 3-story commercial buildings. The quilt block finishes at 12" square and is easy to sew. Go scrappy to build a neighborhood.


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    Corn and Beans Quilt Block Pattern
    Sew Corn and Beans Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Create Corn and Beans quilt blocks in the traditional colors of green and yellow or change the block entirely with contemporary fabrics in any color that suits your needs.


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    Aunt Sukey's Choice Quilt Block Pattern
    Make a batch of Aunt Sukey's Choice quilt blocks. Janet Wickell

    Aunt Sukey's choice appears very different depending on the fabrics you choose. Some fabrics blend together just a bit in example on the left. On the right, fabrics contrast more with each other. Which look do you prefer? Consider mixing a variety of color layouts to make a scrap quilt.