15 Spring Wreaths You Can Crochet

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    Crochet Wreath Patterns

    Use yarn to create a beautiful spring wreath
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    Wreaths were once the domain of the Christmas holidays but that's not the case anymore. Today people use wreaths to decorate their front doors and other areas of their home with every holiday and season that passes. Spring wreaths are especially popular because of their bright colors, floral inspiration, birds and butterflies. Get your hooks out and get ready to crochet your own wreath for springtime using these 15 fabulous patterns.

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    Flower and Bird Crochet Wreath Pattern

    Colorful flowers and adorable crochet birds embody spring
    Petra Herrmann

    Nothing says springtime more than birds peeking out of their nests and flowers popping their heads out of the grass. This crochet wreath absolutely embodies the best of spring crochet patterns.

    Flower and Bird Crochet Wreath by Petra Herrmann

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    Pastel Striped Crochet Wreath Free Pattern

    Colorful stripes are perfect for spring wreaths.

    This wreath is called the Butterfly Wreath because the free crochet pattern includes the suggestion to hang crochet butterflies from the design for a true springtime look. But even without the butterflies, this pastel crochet wreath sings of spring!

    Butterfly Wreath by Crochetier

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    3 Flower Wreath Crochet Pattern

    Big flowers bring springtime to this crochet wreath.
    Audrey Slack

    This striped crochet wreath has bold flowers that transcend the seasons. Work them in white, pink or yellow for a spring design.

    3 Flower Wreath by Audrey Slack

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    Crochet Flowers on Wooden Wreath

    Add crochet flowers to wooden wreaths
    Sustain My Craft Habit

    Bring nature into your home this spring with a DIY wreath made from mulberry branches (or other similar wood). This tutorial shows you how to make the wreath and add crochet flowers in a soft palette for a beautiful springtime design.

    Blossoming Spring Mulberry Wreath by Sustain My Craft Habit

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    Crocheted Spring Wreath free pattern

    Button flowers and a cute little bee adorn this crochet wreath
    Repeat Crafter Me

    This is a simple green crochet wreath that has been adorned with a garden of button crochet flowers and a smiling little bee.

    Crocheted Spring Wreath by Repeat Crafter Me

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    Hoppy Easter Wreath Crochet Pattern

    This crochet bunny wreath wishes you a Hoppy Easter
    Lisa Kingsley

    The first big holiday of spring is Easter so you might want to crochet a wreath to celebrate. This one includes the saying "Hoppy Easter" and a big crochet bunny. 

    Hoppy Easter Wreath by Lisa Kingsley

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    May Rose Wreath Free Crochet Pattern

    Roses are a perfect choice for a spring crochet wreath

    Designer Lucy of Attic 24 has created a number of beautiful, brightly colored crochet wreaths including one called the Springtime Wreath but one of the best showcases crochet roses against a striped background.

    May Rose Wreath by Attic24

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    Rose Granny Square Wreath Crochet Pattern

    Floral granny squares make perfect spring crochet wreaths

    This is another take on the crochet roses wreath. This one shows you how to turn flowers into crochet granny squares and use those squares to create your wreath.

    Rose Granny Square Wreath by HelgaTee

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    Crocheted Spring Wreath Free Crochet Pattern

    Make all types of crochet flowers for a spring wreath

    There are so many different types of flowers to crochet, each one more unique than the last. Here we have several different ones put together in one spring wreath. 

    Crocheted Spring Wreath by Zaraza

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    Lace and Crochet Flower Wreath Free Pattern

    Lace and delicate crochet flowers make a pretty wedding wreath.
    Little Miss Stitcher

    With two types of crochet flowers accented by a third lace flower, this DIY wreath built on a basic pre-made frame is easy and perfect. Done in the right colors, it would be a great wreath for decorating a springtime wedding.

    Lace and Crochet Flower Wreath by Little Miss Stitcher

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    Owls in Love Crochet Wreath Pattern

    Celebrate love with this spring crochet owl wreath
    Kuema tutorials

    Spring is the season for falling in love. The two owls here are in love under the pretty flowering tree and the smiling sun. You will fall in love with this crochet pattern!

    Owls in Love Crochet Wreath by Kuema Tutorials

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    Mixed Media Crochet Wreath Free Pattern

    Add felt flowers to a spring crochet wreath
    Kit's Crafts

    This spring wreath stands out against the crowd even before you add the felt buttoned flowers to the design. That's because of the unique crochet ruffle that makes it a soft, lovely wreath in any color.

    Ruffle Wreath by Kit's Crafts

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    Crochet Wrapped Wreath Pattern

    Pretty flowers added to a yarn wrapped wreath form
    Briana Olsen

    This pattern teaches you how to wrap a wreath farm with yarn for the foundation of your spring wreath. Then you can add whatever embellishments you like; in this case, flowers that are strategically laid out in two spots like they've just sprung from the garden.

    Crochet Wrapped Wreath by Briana Olsen

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    Chained Wreath Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

    Loop a crochet chain into a wreath for decor.
    Tangled Happy

    This is the easiest crochet wreath that you will ever make since it just requires you to crochet a long chain and loop it a few times. This is a small ornament sized wreath. Make a bunch of them for a bright springtime wall display.

    Chained Wreath Ornament by Tangled Happy

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    Simple Statement Wreath Free Crochet Pattern

    A simple crochet wreath adds color pop to your home

    This is a classy crochet wreath to use in your home all year long. It also makes a great housewarming gift for others. Choose colors that say "spring" to you!

    Simple Statement Wreath by Goodknits