21 Spring Word Search Puzzles for Kids

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These spring word search puzzles capture everything there is to love about spring - renewal of nature and warmer weather. The kids will love these spring word search puzzles and won't even realize they are working on spelling and vocabulary when completing them.

You'll find three levels of printable spring word search puzzles below - easy, medium, and challenging, along with a section for online spring word search puzzles.

If you don't find quite what you're looking for, you can use a word search maker to make your very own spring word search puzzles.

Here are a great collection of Easter word search puzzles, St. Patrick's Day word searches, and Earth Day word searches that would work great this time of year.

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    Easy Spring Word Search Puzzles

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    These are easy spring word search puzzles. They have 15 words or less and are perfect for children in grades 1-3.

    1. Super Easy Spring Word Search: This spring word search is great for the younger kids with only 6 hidden words.
    2. Springtime Word Search: The kids will love finding all 6 words in this colorful springtime word search.
    3. Easy All About Spring Word Search: There are only 7 words to find in this spring word search puzzle.
    4. Beginner Spring Word Search: This spring word search is perfect for the beginner with 10 words to find.
    5. Spring Word Search Puzzle: There are 10 hidden words in this spring word search puzzle.
    6. Flower Pot Spring Word Search: This is a super cute spring word search with only 12 hidden words.
    7. March Word Search: Celebrate the beginning of Spring and all the holidays in March with this free word search puzzle that has 12 hidden words and phrases.
    8. Fun With Spring Word Search: There are 13 hidden words in this free word search puzzle.
    9. Bring On Spring Word Search Puzzle: Celebrate spring by finding all 15 words in this puzzle.
    10. Spring Word Search Worksheet: You'll need to find 15 words that have to do with Spring in this free, printable puzzle.
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    Medium Spring Word Search Puzzles

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    These are medium-level spring word search puzzles with 16-30 hidden words. They're right on target for kids in grades 4-5.

    1. Color Spring Word Search: Print off this colorful spring word search and try to find all 18 words.
    2. Medium Spring Word Search: There are 18 words in this printable spring word search puzzle.
    3. April Word Search Puzzle: This spring word search puzzle is all about April with 20 hidden words.
    4. May Word Search Puzzle: After you've found the 20 words in this spring word search, you can use the remaining letters to learn an interesting fact about May.
    5. Gardening Tools Word Search: You'll need to find 20 gardening tools to solve this spring word search puzzle.
    6. Spring Cleaning Word Search: Finding the 30 hidden words in this spring word search about spring cleaning is much more fun than actually doing the spring cleaning.
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    Challenging Spring Word Search Puzzles

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    These spring word search puzzles are really hard with 31 or more words to find. Children in grades 6 and up and adults will love these puzzles.

    1. Tough Spring Word Search: There are 33 words hiding inside this colorful spring word search.
    2. Spring Word Search: There are 35 words to find in this printable Spring word search puzzle.
    3. Really Hard Spring Word Search: There's a whopping 80 hidden words and phrases in this difficult word search all about Spring.
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    Online Spring Word Search Puzzles

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    These spring word search puzzles are all online. Nothing to print out with these!

    1. Online Spring Flower Word Search: There are 17 words to find in this online spring word search all about flowers.
    2. Online Spring Fun Word Search: Find 19 words in this online spring word search.

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